Super Simple Solar ☀️ Going Off-Grid With EcoFlow

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This week we do a deep dive into the incredible EcoFlow power kit that has taken our brand new tiny house off the grid. This system is a game changer for anyone wanting a comprehensive off grid system of a tiny house, cabin, mobile home or back-up system for a residential home.

We’ve had a crazy month of weather here in New Zealand, including two cyclones and unprecedented flooding which has resulted in loss of life and unimaginable damage across the North Island. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience and being prepared for an emergency. It’s also another reason why I’m very thankful to have taken my tiny homes off the grid.

This new power kit from EcoFlow makes going off-grid easy. With multiple power inputs, including solar power, it’s a powerful and effective solar solution which has been especially designed with tiny homes, cabins, mobile dwellings and residential home back-up in mind.

We hope you enjoy this in-depth review of this system.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Sarah Binder & Rasa Pescud

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29 Replies to “Super Simple Solar ☀️ Going Off-Grid With EcoFlow”

  1. I did my off grid solar for my van conversion entirely solo, from the ground up and while I’m extremely happy with it, it was a crazy amount of work and when I eventually build myself a tiny home, this kind of system is exactly what I’m looking for. Out of interest, does anyone know of other companies doing this kind of thing?

  2. While that house is definitely tech savvy and modern, it loses the cozy charm of a tiny home which is what makes them appealing.

  3. Thank you for the information. Often you ask if people would share the cost of their builds, it would have been nice if you wouldn’t mind sharing the cost of this build. My thoughts go out to all the people who have gone through these difficult times.

  4. I have a few Ecoflow portable power stations to use as emergency back up power in my home. I hook up to solar and remove items from the grid when I can as well. I love ecoflow products and you are so right to recommend being serious about your real consumption. When I first started using them, I was in shock over how much power even small things that are on all the time pull. I don't have enough power to run my entire household, but I can keep my fridge and freezers going as well as lights and other odds and ends. Which is a great feeling. We get hurricanes and big storms here so outages are part of life. Having backup systems to keep yourself operational and self supporting during an emergency is incredibly important. Love the new tiny and excited to watch your upcoming adventures.

  5. Bryce and Rasa our hearts and thoughts are with you and everyone in New Zealand.❤️

  6. Bryce and Rasa, this is an amazing on-the-go-home. Brilliant example and tutorial of how to uphold the foundational reasons why going Tiny authentically reduces one's footprint. And this system may well, if it's not already demonstrating that larger homes may soon be able to do the same. Thank you!

  7. Bryce is such an honest and genuine person you immediately trust him and anything he'd recommend anyway. You just know that it has to be right for him to believe in it before he'd recommend it ????

  8. Thank you Bryce and Rasa for the EcoFlow review. This would be a good system even for a fixed home for emergency purposes.

  9. Bryce and Rasa, To say the weather has been insane this year is an understatement across our beautiful world! ???? Praying for everyone’s safety ????❤️

  10. Just one thing to be aware of with high frequency inverters such as Ecoflow. Is that if you use an appliance with a high inrush current, such as a table saw. Then it gives a really nasty voltage output to protect itself. This weird voltage output won't hurt the saw. But it is quite likely to damage other things connected.
    Which is why I would recommend using a low frequency inverter such as Victron.
    Low frequency inverters are just bulletproof.
    Let just put it like this. I've never seen a high frequency style inverter in any datacenter or place serious about their constant voltage supply.

  11. This is why I want to give up boat life, to go completely off grid , grow food and be a farmer on families land!

  12. Great looking house and glad they sponsored your new travel home! Have fun on next adventures!

  13. We've been watching Truthers talk about the weather attacks on New Zealand. This is from the Cabal. We in U.S. are having weather warfare too. The whole world is. These evil people that have been ruling the world thousands of years are being taken down! Your idea is great! God bless everyone in the world as we Patriots rid the world of these evil People!

  14. They should include a human powered way to charge too, like a hookup to a tiny workout machine. Is there anything you can add on to a power station capture your tiny house work out power? Would motivate me to work out on rainy days 🙂

  15. Can you take the house across the Cook Straight and come to the South Island? Safe travels ????

  16. Coming from the place of exposure to so many off grid situations with this channel, gives you an expertise beyond just plugging for your job! You chose who to promote instead of working for a company and promoting them because you work there. This lends much credibility with me!

  17. My heart goes out to everyone who was impacted by these storms. I will pray for those who have lost loved ones. I am glad you are ok. I pray you have safe and enjoyable adventures in your new home!

  18. For those in the US, Incredible Tiny Homes is leading w/ solar & more affordable tiny living. They’re on youtube! ☺️

  19. Place looks so amazing.????people don’t realize that you can also use a hand run crank generator if something should happen. So many things you can use to get power. Sorry to hear about all the problems in New Zealand. Last time I was on the beach was when I was three and my father remembers chasing me on the beach. He has been gone now five years. Take care Bryce & Rasa. Cheers.!????

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