Sweet Side Bun

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Since it’s my senior year, I’ve decided to join more school activities and that has kept me occupied for these past few weeks. Things are getting hectic! But I’m still gonna try to squeeze in a few tutorials here and there for you lovely subscribers (:

So here’s a quick one! A simple, fun, and sophisticated side bun that took only minutes to do. You can wear this to school, to the park, or to the mall with your friends. I especially loved the fact that when you release the bun, you’d get cute wavy hair!

Enjoy! & Thanks for watching 😀


23 Replies to “Sweet Side Bun”

  1. Oh.my.god! It looks soo cute!!
    Im so trying this! You are soo pretty, i wish i was as pretty as u /.

  2. omgomgomg you replied to me 😀 and oh my bad i meant light ash blonde* hahah thank you 😀

  3. I had previously dyed my hair before, so the bottom part was a faded brown before I put the light ash blonde dye on it (:

  4. Did you dye your hair a bit brighter from the light ash brown or its the light ash brown color ? xD

  5. how do you cut your fringe or bang? I was born in Vietnam too but now I live in Australia! Please answer my question

  6. Will it work on medium long hair! My hair isn't as long as yours, but its not like a bob! Will it work?

  7. I'm not sure since I don't use hair dye for highlights xD I don't think the results from that would be as vibrant or clean!

  8. Have you tried to use an anti-frizz hair serum yet? I use one by Garnier and apply it on my ends to smooth them out (even though I don't have frizzy hair, it works really well for me!).
    I get my hair accessories from all over the places – Claire's, F21, thrift stores, Ebay, etc! (:

  9. I forget. My working uniform requires us to wear cap. Is there any way to tie a cute / bun while wearing a cap ?

  10. Hey I really love those hairstyle you been teaching. 😀 really cool hairstyle but my hair does not really "listen" to me. As I have fizzy hair & thick hair.

    Btw where do you gets all your hair accessories ?

  11. X3haha can u do tutorials for like nurses? 😡 weird request right.. But i really dk how to do a nurse hairstyle ): i want to do smth cute or attractive even elegant would be good. But it has to be neat wonder if u could help me with that..

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