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  1. I do all this fine with no issues. Just bought a Yeti. I record video with my iPhone. When I put the audio and video together in iMovie, the audio goes drifting out of sync as it gets closer and closer to the end. Any easy fix?

  2. I had the audio from the video, and I made them different clips. Now I can't sync the audio with the videos lip movement anymore. Any ideas?

  3. Thanks so much for this. You give clear and concise instructions about some features that are not very obvious.

  4. great video though this is an old video I still found it really helpful. I can't wait to get to imovie and make some videos

  5. I am trying to make a music video and I am planning on lipsyncing. I'm stuck on how to do this. I understood your video and it helped alot (thanks!) But from what I can gather you still see the clap at the beginning of the video and I don't want this. Is there any tips on removing this?

  6. Most videos about iMovie 11 have confused me and been frustrating because they quickly gloss over crucial steps I'm not familiar with. This one on syncing audio solved about five problems I was having (in only six minutes!). Thank you so much.

  7. Thank you I think this helped with me trying to get my video in synch with my audio it was a song so the music had to come in at the perfect time with the audio, I think I will get better as I make more videos

  8. It's not surprising that you have so many positive comments below. You really have made an excellent tutorial here. Great tips (the clapping thing is a gem), very clear instruction and no learning during the teaching as a lot of people do. Don't waste that talent. 

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