TAG Heuer Actually Did Something Great With This! TAG Heuer 39mm Carrera Glassbox Review

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In this video, I provide my detailed thoughts on the new TAG Heuer Carrera 39mm “Glassbox”, a surprising new model family released at Watches and Wonders earlier this year. What do you guys think of the Glassbox?

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21 Replies to “TAG Heuer Actually Did Something Great With This! TAG Heuer 39mm Carrera Glassbox Review”

  1. Looks nice especially with the thick indices. Still would prefer their Monaco though if I was going to get a chronograph.

  2. Before I was really into collecting watches I bought a Tag F1 quartz while living in Germany, and let me tell you I beat the heck out of that thing as my daily watch for a good 10 years and it’s still running perfect to this day with only 1 battery change. Since then I also acquired an Aquaracer automatic and while it’s very very nice, it just doesn’t feel as solid and robust like my F1 is.

  3. Teddy I wish you would tell us what watch you are wearing before you start, I sit watching, trying to work out what it is every time. Sometimes I know but today I struggled.

  4. Can the straps be changed to bracelets? This is a super fine watch but my skin is allergic to leather straps. Thank you!

  5. Glad they upgrade and fixed the rotor… the previous Heuer 2 rotor spins around like Kylie Minogue.

  6. Tag Heurer is like Hubolt to me they both are so over rated and too expensive to even consider. Over rated in their own minds. Even if they were half of their rrp , I wouldn't buy one. They have the appeal of a dead fish in MHO.

  7. Thank you for all your work and dedication. I have been watching your videos for quite some times. Love them
    Cheers from Canada

  8. This is really an elegant watch. It has almost a vintage vibe. I have a ceramic Daytona and I'd still consider getting one of these.

  9. In the late 80s, I wanted a Tag and a Piaget. Times have changed. This might, just might, bring me back to considering what Tag has to offer

  10. with the glass box sitting at the periphery of the case and with anti reflective coating on the outside of the crystal, it’s asking to be scratched up, apart from that and the dubious date window it’s a really nice design and hopefully a sign of things to come

  11. I just bought this watch last week and couldn't be happier with it! Originally was looking at a speedy since I bought a Mcqueen Monaco last year and didn't want to look like a brand ambassador for Tag, but I had no good reason to not buy another timepiece from them and my gut told me to go with the Carrera.

  12. 2:06 ???? The “55” on the tachymeter at the 1 o’clock position is a first for me. Practical for events over 60 seconds. Anyone seen it elsewhere?

  13. I have a question for anyone who wants to answer it. what's more convenient a $1,000 tag heuer (used formula 1 in my case) or buy 5 watches (seiko, orient & citizen) with diference type of use (1 dress watch, 1 casual watch, 1 diver watch, 1 chronograph and 1 automatic)? thanks. I hope Teddy can se this comment

  14. 1:45 Tissot PRX Lume Dial:
    “Look what I can do!”
    Timex Indiglo: “Hold my beer!” ????

  15. Beautiful piece.

    I kept seeing that slight scratch on the 1:00pm lug. ????????????

  16. I generally like Tag Heuer – and I own an Aquaracer – but this video actually highlights one of Tag's perceived quality problems. I know I'm only going off the sample Teddy has, but for $6500 (US) you should expect the hands to hit the markers, but the chronograph minute hand is way off. This is something that QC should fix in a few seconds but doesn't, and that's where Tag falls behind other brands.

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