How to Paint a Fireplace and Hearth | Ask This Old House

How to Paint a Fireplace and Hearth | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House paint expert Mauro Henrique helps a homeowner tackle a controversial project: painting an exposed brick fireplace.

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Paint expert Mauro Henrique takes us on a house call to tackle a somewhat controversial project. The homeowner and her husband want to update their beautifully-kept home, and they plan to paint exposed fireplace bricks-a taboo for brick purists.

Opinions vary about whether to paint exposed brick. While the finished product can look clean and modern, there is no going back. When a homeowner asks paint expert Mauro Henrique for help painting her fireplace, he first checks that she’s positive that she wants to do it before helping her take this project on.

Difficulty: ⅕
Cost: Around $30
Time: An afternoon

Where to find it?
Mauro upgrades a 1920’s fireplace by painting the fireplace facing with a high heat paint.

To clean out the fire box, Mauro vacuums it out with a HEPA vac []. Then, Brenna wipes down the facing with a multi-surface cleaner [] and clean rag []. To paint the fireplace, Mauro uses a 1200 degree high heat paint in flat black []. To apply the paint to the fireplace facing and hearth, Mauro uses 4” stiff bristle brushes [].

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Rag []
Respirator []
All-purpose cleaner []
Painter’s tape []
High-temp paint []

Screwdriver []
Wet/dry vacuum []
4-inch stiff bristle paint brush []
Paint tray []
Drop cloth or rosin paper []

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How to Paint a Fireplace and Hearth | Ask This Old House