D2C Superheroes: An Interakt Initiative | Bombay Sweet Shop

D2C Superheroes: An Interakt Initiative | Bombay Sweet Shop

The fourth episode of our #D2CSuperheroes series is here!

Known for its innovative take on traditional Indian Sweets and the popular ‘Mithai’, Bombay Sweet Shop faced the brunt of the COVID-19 lockdowns within a few weeks of its launch. What started initially as a retail-focused brand soon positioned itself as a D2C e-commerce brand eager to expand its customer base, online.

The brand’s search for a platform to streamline its customer communication and support on WhatsApp led them to Haptik and Interakt, and the rest is history!

Keep watching, as Yash Bhanage, Co-founder of Bombay Sweet Shop shares how the Interakt-Haptik duo led to a 4X increase in revenue for the brand in just one year

Introducing Interakt for WhatsApp Business

Interakt is a platform for WhatsApp Business users. A business that has a WhatsApp Business account can use this platform – to enhance its sales and business communications at scale.

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