The "Raised Reversed Stem" broke my brain. It might be genius.

The "Raised Reversed Stem" broke my brain. It might be genius.

I received a box containing the “Raised Reversed” mountain bike stem. Install this on your bike, and you’ll surely agree that it looks completely sketchy and unstable. Surprisingly, it’s not, and in this video I’ll explain why.

I’m continuing to test this stem and will give long-term results at some point, but in my early tests this thing felt good on descents. On climbs, I wasn’t quite adjusted to it and I’ve heard the same from others. The creator of the Raised Reversed Stem completely disagrees, and says you need to get used to it and change your body position to see the benefits. He seems like a genuinely smart and honest guy, and so I don’t doubt that he could be right. I just don’t see it yet.

I’ve seen some other concepts like Mondraker’s “Forward” geometry, which do have some similarities with the RR stem, but nothing yet that transforms a normal enduro bike into something so confusing.

At $400, the RR is probably the most expensive stem you can buy, but considering a single engineer created this in tiny numbers with what we can only assume is an outsourced CNC service, the price makes perfect sense. Is it worth it? That will take me more time to tell you, but it’s worth a discussion.

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