24 Replies to “Take Fermented Cacao Seeds and make Chocolate Bars| MyHealthyDish”

  1. That pod looked like silky outta teen titans and alien had a fucking baby in that pod

  2. Belgian here… I literally had a school expedition to go make chocolate in a Côte-d'Or-factory when I was 9.

    Also just wanna shout out the Swiss chocolate lovers. Visited Switserland last year and their chocolate did not disappoint. Bit of friendly rivalry never hurts.

  3. Ancient Nativ Americans.

    Hmm look a bit fruit, let s brake it.
    Hmm let s keep the seeds until they rot
    Hmm let s fry the roten seed on fire why not? We bored.
    Hmm let s mix this powder now and taste it after it cools.

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