Taking a 'Gap Year' Before College: Pros and Cons

Malia Obama will take a year off, known as a gap year, before entering Harvard University in the fall of 2017. University of Michigan sociology professor Elizabeth Armstrong joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and explains the pros and cons of students waiting a year before going to college. Photo: Getty

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18 Replies to “Taking a 'Gap Year' Before College: Pros and Cons”

  1. People should have no rights of judging someone like this. Who cares what everybody else thinks. People are so obsessed about what other people do, especially famous people. Why even make it a big deal if someone wants to take a gap year of or not lol. There are bigger problems around the world that are more important. Taking a gap year is not lazy but smart, no matter who you are or what you do during that time. Work, travel or just chill. Especially smart before enter a difficult and competitive university like Harvard!

  2. I'm watching this video while considering taking a gap year.
    I'll be back this time next year to tell you what I did. Wish me best of luck!

  3. ngl if you really believe a gap year will benefit your mental health or anything else just do it. your living for yourself, if your parents are going to be mad or frustrated, let em. eventually we all are going to move out and become adults. no matter how mad your parents get it’s your life and they brought u in this world to enjoy it because nothing in this world is promised except death. so why not enjoy it till our time comes?

  4. “but what should kids be doing? internships? community service?” bruh. HOW ABOUT NOTHING. why do you have to always be doing something in this culture? you’ve already been in school for almost 2 decades if you just graduated highschool just chill for 12 months at least. who cares?

  5. If I even bring up the topic with my parents… Brr no
    When will Indian parents begin accepting gap years

  6. hey, I am technically younger than my same year friends by 1 year already, but Asian people frowning on gap years ? makes me think twice

  7. Did anybody notice how the reporter tried talking over her😒? Some people🙄 I get if she was having a bad day but a sorry only takes a second or two to say.

  8. I use to be so against taking a gap year but I took one anyways and it’s the best thing I could have ever done

  9. Hey stupid news lady! Quit interrupting this wise woman! You are incredibly disrespectful!!!!! Go back to preschool and learn some basic manners!

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