‘TAPAS’ Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E5

A new year means a new challenge! Today’s Recipe Relay CHALLENGE is ‘TAPAS’!! Will the boys PASS or FAIL?! Watch to find out…

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18 Replies to “‘TAPAS’ Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E5”

  1. i mean i have to side with barry, nobody really planned on the plates, it was one of the first things said in the brief, and i immediately thought they will not build towards those. admittedly barry did not listen and know he could use more than 3.

  2. Was I the only one practically screaming the word "Romesco" at my phone? 😂😂😂

  3. I feel that Mike has quietly become very reliable. He rarely tries anything outlandish, but he just carries on with what is already going and it's a really vital part of the team that at least one person just carries on what is already happening.

  4. Roasted pumpkin with olive oil, salt, and pepper? I have never herd of such a thing… I'm intrigued. I may have to try this.

  5. as someone who didn’t know what tapas were before watching this… i still have no clue what they are after watching this 😂

  6. Chefs are just weird. Who brings out a massive fish head as though it's normal???

  7. If you're by any change looking for challenge ideas, i think it would be cool to do a 'time v money' idea where 1 normal has a small budget, 1 normal gets little time and the chef has both handicaps.

  8. Have you all ever thought of doing "Low Fodmap" challenges? I know you've delved into vegan foods quite a few times, and I love that, but have you thought of trying other dietary restrictions like Low Fodmap? One of my biggest struggles is having to not use garlic/onion or mushrooms. Id love to see your takes on this!

  9. How can Jamie be mad that his sliced hotdog bun, mashed pumpkin, chorizo disaster go tossed lol?

  10. That moment when Ben goes first but every dish is basically still mostly his contributions 😆

  11. I really want to see this format but with the food team, and have the boys off to the side to watch and see how they do and how they problem solve.

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