Taste Testing GLOBAL BREAKFASTS (Guess the Country)

In today’s episode, we asked our global community what they eat for breakfast! Our normals are in the hot seat to taste test and share their thoughts! Do you have any of these for breakfast? Comment below!


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13 Replies to “Taste Testing GLOBAL BREAKFASTS (Guess the Country)”

  1. How do you calculate the distance? For the first dish, my husband and I guessed Germany and Belgium, respectively. I gotta know who won!!

  2. Coriander? Eugh. What do ya's suggest as a replacement for those of us who hate the soap flavour of coriander/cilantro?

  3. We have a Tonkinese cat, which is a mix between a Burmese cat and a Siamese (Thai). That is how I learned about myanmar

  4. The Hagelslag is "Toast mit Ameisen" (Toast with ants) in my area in Germany xD Because the sprinkles kinda look like ants. And the toast would be toasted, not "raw".
    I kind of want to see you try Mettbrötchen mit Zwiebeln. (It can be seasoned with salt and pepper but Mett would be seasoned itself. And yes it's raw pork, so it has to be fresh. There even is a "Mett-Verordnung" in Germany, that regulates how old it can be, how the utensils need to be clean when making it, etc. It can come pre packaged and gassed, so it won't spoil as fast but I personally think those should only be used for cooking, so heating it up.)

  5. Jamie's eyes rolling up when Barry says 'closer together' re Afghanistan/Sri Lanka guesses was me during every guess as I tried to access some sort of world map inside my brain (& failing miserably often as not despite a geography GCSE)
    Really love these videos introducing new dishes & taste combinations from countries I'll never get to visit myself.

  6. In Denmark they eat something close to the hagelslag, but they have thin chocolate "slices" on it instead. Sorry for the bad English ????

  7. Happy birthday Sorted! It is so nice to see Balkan food again on the channel, you should also try sarma a dish from Serbia. Great video!

  8. A to Z Cooking Challenge, I know the letter E is going to be tough because you gentlemen got England, and I was wondering if you found a dish to make so the next video can be uploaded.

  9. I always assume börek is Turkish. Every morning i am eating it. There are hundreds of types of börek in here. Interesting…

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