14 Replies to “tbh she hasn’t had a bad look, but it’s the glass slipper for me ???? #metgala #zendaya #zendayastyle”

  1. Am I the only one who doesn't like her Cinderella dress?I know it's a designer dress, but It just looks so cheap , especially the way it lights up like ew

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like the cinderella dress? It's so overrated

  3. I don't like the cinderella dress at all…. It looks too customy and cheap lol

  4. Ironically Her movie premiere outfits are much more iconic than met gala ones

  5. Unpopular opinion: The Cinderella look is gimmicky and doesn’t suit her. The tailoring, fit, and design the bodice is utterly bizarre. The navy piping makes no sense and it’s a horrible color + shade of blonde for her skin tone. It looks like it was made for someone else. The Joan of Arc look is a 10, and the parrot look suits her quite well.

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