Testing the internet’s most creative egg recipes.

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Getting Eggs
01:28 – Spicy Egg Salad
05:56 – Soy Cured Egg Yolk
10:07 – Lettuce Egg Wrap
13:36 – Steamed Eggs

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29 Replies to “Testing the internet’s most creative egg recipes.”

  1. I was holding my breath at the steamed eggs but I’m SO happy it worked out despite not having the perfect setup!! thanks so much for trying my recipe out!

    -long time fan ????❤️

  2. I am never bored with plain old eggs but egg salad with sriracha mayo and marinated egg yolks sound great!
    If you haven't tried it, Korean soy sauce marinated eggs (mayak eggs) are also fantastic and a lovely topping for rice!

  3. You think regurgitating tiktok shit is gonna make you stay relevant?

    Is this a reaction chanel now?

  4. Had to stop the video when you started eating un cooked eggs.! What!!?! No no no!

  5. we loveee eggs, egg stir-fry, egg muffins, oatmeal pancakes, shakshouka, eggs and green fava beans, eggs and veggies, eggs and fava bean canned, omelette…

  6. The avacado is there so they can say it's not just egg salad and get people to try it.

  7. some of those chicks look like Ameraucana's….. they lay blue eggs

  8. On that first one, replacing the avocado base with some nice thick heirloom tomatoes (seeds removed) sounds absolutely amazing. ????????

  9. I cannot recommend enougn if you want to use up eggs, get an ice cream maker. I use it at least once a week to make a qt of different recipes for my family. Most custard recipes use at least 4 egg yolks per recipe. A gamechanger for me when I bought it.

  10. Originally deviled eggs were quite spicy, cayenne usually, so it makes sense to go back to that

  11. The first thing that popped into mind with that third video was EVERYBODY'S SO CREATIVE ????

  12. If you don’t already, homemade mayo is a great way to use up a couple extra eggs during the week, depending on how often you use it in your regular cooking. ????

  13. Part of the reason steamed egg is so popular in Chinese cooking is you can make it on top of the rice cooker with a steamer insert. If you always use the same bowl every time, you can just memorize the fill line and it takes less than a minute of active time to add another dish to the dinner table.

  14. I love these videos. For me Tik-toks are too much of a short form and destroy my attention span, so I love that you unravel them into a slower paced video with commentary. I've tried multiple of these recipes and they've all rocked. Also, the egg lettuce could maybe work if you first wilt the lettuce on the pan, then mix it with egg whites and proceed from there? (and add some salt/pepper)

  15. that moment you realise you have been following a channel for a while, bought an airfryer, tested very many recepies… and finally realised i had never subscribed xD

  16. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but it looks like baby spinach and not lettuce in the healthy bites, I've seen it done like that before also, season the eggs, spinach, a little cheese, that technique but then topped with a fresh salsa

  17. You should have tried to master Protein Pancakes with all those eggs! Bunch of attempt to make it right! It's SO HARD to make them moist! Takes ton of practice!

  18. A dash of MSG makes everything better. (people who think MSG is harmful are simply wrong)

  19. Great video , my reactions to the soy marinated yolk matched yours and same with the lettuce roll on but I died laughing watching that thing go down hill , good stuff , love this channel

  20. Ever noticed that all the eggs are usually in one basket? You don't need mutliple coops!

  21. I grew up eating steamed eggs in hong kong!!! My dad was in his cooking phase and failed quite a lot of them before perfecting it haha

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