The $3 Philly Cheesesteak | But Cheaper

You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to get a decent Philly cheese steak, all it takes is two dollars and a little elbow grease.

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20 Replies to “The $3 Philly Cheesesteak | But Cheaper”

  1. New follower here! Wondering if you've done a video making a French dip sandwich?! I'd love to see your rendition ☺️

  2. Ayyye mann i love the video!! You always pay homage to Philly and even use the correct terminology! I love it!

  3. I would like josh though to point out how much of the food is labour cost, rent, taxes and such.

    And it is only cheaper if you spend your free time doing all this.

  4. so. this philly cheesesteak is really classy. very neat and put together as if a human had made it.

    lived in philly for a couple years and i gotta say…. philly cheesesteaks are just a big sloppy hot mess that you have to eat finger deep in hot slop with unidentified juices crawling down your face. not fun. didnt enjoy it. kinda felt duped because they were fairly expensive for what i felt i was getting.

  5. Anyone watching in the UK Josh's book is currently halve price on Amazon. £10 for the hardcover.

  6. "many butchers have it and u just gotta ask"

    me as an introvert: i'd rather get ribeye than ask

  7. I made the hoagie rolls last night, and they came out great! My daughter loves them!

  8. One day, somehow, someone, will make a cheesesteak with whiz and not provolone. Some day

  9. how much would it cost to add mushrooms and hot peppers? would it still be cheaper? lol

  10. The other Philly Cheesesteak doesn’t actually have a price range it’s for a profit and takes less effort to just buy one

  11. People think that everything should be sold at the base price food or any product is made. When in fact no business can do that since they pay employees, rent, taxes, insursnce etc etc..

  12. The moment the fed gives me my money, I'm hitting the thank you button on your page.

  13. Also, my favorite again. Use $1 worth of this $25 thing you definitely do not have in your kitchen

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