The £4 Pasta Maker!

I stumbled upon this absolute bargain by accident in TK Maxx. An ‘as seen on tv’ microwave pasta cooking machine that in my opinion did not justify being reduced to £4 – I pused this to the max even attempting a gigantic lasagne! More kitchen gadget tests

Turns out there’s some on Amazon, but they are not £4!

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18 Replies to “The £4 Pasta Maker!”

  1. Chloe's opinion just made me laugh!!! ???? Yes Chloe its like a surfboard! I love that pasta maker! I could use it if I cant be bothered to make pasta on a hob!

  2. Is it me or is it just a big plastic bowl? Could I just not use a plastic mixing bowl? Great video though as always.

  3. Microwave ovens actually use 2,4 GHz, just like one of your wifi networks, bluetooth, baby alarms and much more. Use 5 GHz in stead, which is not as overused.

  4. Your next merch logo design has to be Boston chilling in a cardboard box ????

  5. Name for the microwave could be Micro-jackson! Because it he-heats stuff up. I will see myself out????

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