The Absolute Simplest Setup for Sharpening Hand Tools

In this video, I show you the easiest way to sharpen your chisels and hand plane irons. Getting the perfect edge can take some skill, but these simple tools make it easier and take up a lot less space in your woodshop. For the sharpening process, I use diamond stones with three different grits, a new setup block to get the correct primary and secondary bevel, and finish with a leather strop. Once you have done the process a few times, you can sharpen your chisels in less than a minute.
Click the link below to get your Biscuit Block to get the right bevel quickly and easily.

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Items Used:
Amana Flush Trim Bit –
Whiteside Undersized Plywood Bits –
Titebond Quick and Thick Glue –
Tooling Leather –
Buffing Compound –
Diamond Stone –
Amazon Honing Guide –

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24 Replies to “The Absolute Simplest Setup for Sharpening Hand Tools”

  1. Thank you for explaining everything. It helps to understand what you’re doing.

  2. Raw – though the leather I had didn't really have a suede side. It was raw or fully tanned, and fully tanned is just too smooth.

    I found an STL for a honing guide angle block that I printed on my 3D printer. It's about the size of a credit card (with some extra thickness for the stops, naturally. It's nice to be able to just tuck it away in the top drawer of by bench.

  3. Suede. It picks up the honing paste better in my opinion. I use glass cleaner with the diamond stones, but also have a large gum eraser that I use after a few sharpening's to make sure they are exceptionally clean.

  4. Raw… suede… I don't know, but likely raw. Great timing on this. I'm planning on picking up a Tormek this coming weekend, and stuff still needs stropped. By the way, I saw what you did there with the spray bottle… nice touch.

  5. Suede because it holds the polishing compound better. I glued mine directly to a hard as diamond piece of Spotted Gum.

  6. What nonsense. You made a jig and stone holder. And wasted lots of our time.

  7. I like flesh suede side and grain side for different edges. Bigger edges that I’m pushing down harder on incidentally I prefer raw. Suede if I’m being gentle and wiping without pressure.

  8. I can barely spell suede ????
    Great video! I like how compact those "Biscuit blocks" are and how easy setup is as a consequence.

  9. I use the raw side with green honing compound. I also use a hard veg tan leather.

  10. Suede, by raw do you mean polished hide?

    I have a setup block akin to the one you showed at the start. I really like the idea of stacking them vertically like that though!

  11. This was surprisingly insightful. I have a hard time finding the bevel on my chisels and your block looks like it solves that. Do you have the plan for the stone holder? Thanks for the informative and detailed video.

  12. Suede is how I’ve been doing it but I’ll have to try raw now. The dad jokes in this one we’re on point! I’ll definitely be getting a block. Good job man.

  13. Raw, it's the way I was taught. This is super helpful, thanks for sharing. I hate sharpening my tools but this makes sense.

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