12 Replies to “The Art Of Confidence: Stop Overthinking”

  1. Hey everyone, we have started a podcast that you can be a part of!

    If you have an interesting question for Ben and I, please comment it on our most recent podcast episode, along with your name (if you want). In two weeks, we will respond to our favorite questions and shout you out :-). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF1SW37n6JU

  2. How is this different than the mirroring that narcissists use to make them look likable?

  3. People say that others aren’t thinking of you, but in all actuality I’ve found out from the mouth of others that they really are judging, and while not all people are there are a lot of people who do judge you

  4. The problem is that a man being vulnerable is a turnoff to women. As much as they like to say it’s not, it is, they don’t react well to a man who is sharing a vulnerability.

  5. Situational cbt is called dbt (dialectic behavioral therapy). Cbt is only for anxiety and depression. DBT is directly contributing in nature to dialogs.

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