The Big Bowl That Took 7 Years to Woodturn

Welcome to my latest YouTube video where I showcase my latest woodturning project – a simple box elder bowl. Seven years ago, one of my viewers cut down their tree and gave me the wood. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to turn it into something special.
I started by cutting the wood into bowl blanks with a chainsaw, some of which I shaped completely with the chainsaw while others I used a band saw to cut pieces for the wood lathe. From there, I turned many of these into bowl roughs and finally settled on turning the biggest piece into a finished bowl.
To start, I reattached the chuck to the bottom of the bowl with the help of my CNC machine. With this, I was able to cut a perfectly round circle into the bottom of the bowl to help the chuck grip it firmly on the lathe. Once that was done, I finished turning the bowl on the lathe, sanded it, and applied a coat of walnut oil as a finish. I let this dry for several days before re-sanding the bowl with my random orbital sander and 400 grit sandpaper.
To finish off, I wiped off the sawdust with mineral spirits and added a second coat of walnut oil, leaving the bowl with a beautiful finish. The end result is a stunning box elder bowl that I’m proud to have created. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more woodturning content!

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0:00 (introduction)
1:25 (rough turning)
3:57 (finish turning)
8:59 (finishing)

23 Replies to “The Big Bowl That Took 7 Years to Woodturn”

  1. you were making a rod for your own back with the grind on that gouge when turning the inside! you don't seem to be riding the bevel?


  3. What a lovely bowl–that figured wood is quite striking. That thin edge looks amazing.

  4. I see a man with a beard and a cow in the grain. Just wanted to share. Tanks for this video, for the turning and the very agreable talking.

  5. That's a beautiful chunk of boxelder, and you did a good job with the bowl form.

  6. Seven years start to finish. I say it was worth the wait. ????????Thank you for sharing. Have a great day and stay safe.????????

  7. Nice job! What is that head gear you wear while on the lathe and where can they be purchased? Thanks

  8. I've been watching you for quite a few years (maybe not when you started this bowl, but close!). Do you ever sell the pieces you make? That box elder bowl is lovely!

  9. 0:50 – "… shape those pieces roughly with the chainsaw." It's not quite 'Heathers'-level, but okay. ????

  10. great job, Frank, as always… could you be so kind to share the name of 3M mask you use while turning?

  11. To find the lumpiness while it's spinning, what if you shone a laser level line in the bowl?

  12. One idea, maybe…. To rough cut the green wood into a round shape you could use your faceplate as the center on the band saw. You just need a peace of plywood that is thick enough to receive the dowel end of the faceplate. In this way your bandsaw cut will end up much closer to round… Just an idea….
    Nice work by the way!! I like to listen to your voice!

  13. Clickbait fake titles are super annoying. A good YouTuber Craftsman would never stoop to such cheap tactics. Really expected better

  14. love when you edit in yourself helping.. yourself. You should call him 'Hank Frowarth'

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