The Cheapest Steak Sandwich Ever | But Cheaper

A homemade steak sandwich has unlimited power, especially when it’s good for inflation.


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19 Replies to “The Cheapest Steak Sandwich Ever | But Cheaper”

  1. 50% of the length of these videos are always just making bread, tell me I'm wrong

  2. Josh! I have a request. I’d love to see your take on Hawaiian foods. Spam Musubi, Loco Moco, Poke…all dat shit!

  3. Link to pan??
    I have one with a
    Lid but lid’s not deep ..
    is this 10” or 12”?
    Please help

  4. I would have to argue that this is not a steak sandwich at all. It is a roast beef sandwich. Still looks amazing papa.

  5. Here’s my argument for these ‘But Cheaper’ segments. It will ALWAYS be cheaper when you fix this at home. Not quite sure what your purpose of these segments are. We know fixing at home is always cheaper. This is not a mind-blowing revelation. Now, I enjoy watching these, but ‘But Cheaper’ is not a revelation to the watchers

  6. okay… i don't like paprika and that much onions and the combination with cheese, the recipe itself is an out for me…

    but i might still use it as a reference for A) baking bread or B) that you can actually have a decent beef roast with … we in germany call it "falsches Filet"

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