The Complete Guide To Sowing Seeds

Just starting out? Let’s start at the very beginning, with starting seeds. Sowing seeds isn’t quite as simple as A, B, C but with these easy to follow tips, you’ll be growing in no time!
In this week’s video, Ben explains everything in this comprehensive guide to successful seed starting. Look no further! Everything you need to know is here. Thank you Ben!

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26 Replies to “The Complete Guide To Sowing Seeds”

  1. Just the video to get my growing enthusiasm going again for this new season. Very clear tips and a great refresher Ben. Thank you ??I did already start my chillis and peppers a while ago but now I am going to get started on a few of the quick growing things like radish and spinach and of course lettuce. These crops are easy to grow for novice gardeners and can be grown in pots too for those with a smaller space. Also very timely given the news about the poor growing season in southern Europe this winter and the shortage of salad crops currently.

  2. Thank you Ben your enthusiasm is contagious ?. I love this time of the year too, in fact I start to get excited in January because I have a whole new growing season to look forward to.
    One little tip I have is to use the clear plastic round containers that you get olives, sun dried tomatoes and various dips in to put over the plant pot. Some fit perfectly and others may need the top trimmed off so they can sit just inside the pot. They act as a mini greenhouse and can easily be removed for checking.
    As always I look forward to your next video ?

  3. Thank you muchly for this.
    I have Windowsill plug seed starters, with the lids.
    I've got to get busy.
    Take care GV & everyone.❤️??

  4. Watering the compost/soil before sowing seed in trays or outside is such a simple helpful thing – cheers dude

  5. Here in North Florida, I have been starting seeds since January. Most indoors and some for my spring garden that can take some possible frost. Going to do some more tomorrow! Right now I have tons of peas started, some outside to grow peas up, many more in seed trays to eat pea shoots. I've never done that and you make it sound so tasty I couldn't help but try it. Very excited. I also have different tomato varieties going, a couple different peppers, several herbs, and many flowers. Along w/peas, though in different areas, I have Rat tail radish (a new one for me), baby bok choy, purple bok choy, wasabina, a few lettuce, one early jersey cabbage (because it's the only 1 of my original 3 that made it, some bachelor buttons, to keep the cabbage company?, and a whole host of flowers in my front yard. God bless you and everyone here with great growth this year!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and your videos Rosie and Ben! ?. Love the enthusiasm and good cheer you both show for the garden and for helping others. Keep on "plugging!" Pun intended

  7. yes it feels so great after such a miserable winter… life is back again and i can't wait to start eating my freshly grown veg! yay

  8. In Alberta Canada zone 3 … we might start mid to late March for most seeds indoors .. for planting in mid to late May …I also wet the potting soil before we plant the seeds into the trays? Is that Wrong? Its might cold still thus I can not use the green house and have to use out kitchen window and a heat mat … thoughts? .. Also if I use a tray / pot / tools .. before hand I use just a pinch of bleach to clean everything up …

  9. I can't find good, sturdy, reusable module trays in Australia. The few I've bought online have been nasty thin fragile things like the ones. If anyone knows where to look, I'd appreciate the tip

  10. Thank you for this:)
    I plan to start my 1st garden this spring! I'm in Canada and hopeful for a successful summer garden! ☀️ ?

  11. I was expecting to see a link to whoever you have a deal with. I'm looking for those heavy duty plug trays. Most everyone seems to have a web link to Amazon, Hoss, etc. What's some of the best places to get the heavy trays?

  12. Starting out anew after decades without a garden or greenhouse, I direct sowed seeds last Sunday (2/19/23). Five days later I already had Radishes sprouting. And within just a few more days I had Peas and Spinach sprouting. As of yet though, no sign of my Carrots, Onions, or Lettuce. But I expect them soon. Tomorrow I'll probably sow some of the beneficial flowers into the garden.

  13. Seed starting is Christmas for gardeners… so exciting. Great inspiring video as always Ben. ??????

  14. Growing season may be open, but I'm still looking at icicles hanging off my house. ?‍♀ I'm dying to get started! LOL

  15. I started my tomatoes (Cherry & Roma) in milk jugs this year but kept them inside and they're growing like crazy. The jalapeños have come up but the tabasco peppers still haven't sprouted. I was surprised that you covered the lettuce seeds with soil. I just press on them as it's my understanding that they need the light to germinate. ?‍♀️ Do yours germinate okay? I enjoyed seeing your little actress again.

  16. So funny to watch you and hear the excitement and enthusiasm on your voice Ben! Albeit, I cannot deny that I have the pre start of the season bug and excitement myself.
    Great video.


    P.S. love the word bedraggled..very funny ??

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