19 Replies to “The Dior Cruise 2023 Show”

  1. 8 minute and I watched nothing of Dior Fashion Show ? only glimpses of the fashion show, the rest is the dance performance.

  2. They looks like they got film students to do the cinematography and editing. It's so bad I couldn't finish watching. Too annoying.

  3. I love the performance, the performance was equally as beautiful as the collection ???

  4. Finally the graceful fashion is back ???? though the resolution could be better the show is a masterpiece of its kind & I already know what am buying 100%

  5. Like we say in Spain: no se puede aguantar ?what a show, what a performance! the bailaores, the dancers, the fabrics, the setting, the designs… bravissima

  6. che pagliacciata e la moda che deve parlare cosa c entrano i fenomeni da baraccone

  7. Dont understand all the people complaining about the show cutting to the dance performance. You could literally see all of the garments displayed. It just seems that when the dancing doesn't fit a certain expectation or standard, people get bored and just rather see the fashion. Stop complaining, it's not about you

  8. From your USA Customers: I love Dior. However, this fashion show is a complete disappointment. Yes, I SEE ALL YOUR SPANISH DANCERS. YES, I SEE ALL YOUR SPANISH MUSICAL PLAYERS. YES, I SEE ALL YOUR SPANISH Architecture. I cannot see YOUR CLOTHES! It is too DARK! I do not want to see that Spanish Dance Recital Anymore! I do not want to see the main man or woman (I cannot tell) ONE PERSON show doing their tap dance over and over again. This show is a total disappointment and would NOT buy these clothes.

  9. Art culture fashion art is
    Masterpiece collection so
    Beautiful too!!!! I like too?????

  10. Alberto Iglesias is an music wizard, so underrated in the global stage of composers

  11. It's a fashion show and people want to see clothes not dancing or anything else !!!!!!!!

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