15 Replies to “The easiest food to grow at home (Sprouts)”

  1. So what sprouts won't smell like death when you go to eat them lol? I did Bean sprouts and Broccoli sprouts, and both smelled horrifying lol definitely, the Broccoli sprouts smelled worse though

  2. I just ordered a grower and some seeds a couple of days ago, and can’t wait to start cultivating and using the sprouts!!!

  3. As a Final Fantasy 14 player i agree.
    i know most wont get it but i still had a chuckle

  4. Can you do a quick video on how you get those thick mung bean sprouts that they serve at pho restaurants? Preferably in a mason jar, if possible.

  5. I've read that you can get e-coli or salmonella, did anyone encountered this or is just fear mongering?

  6. hey mike it would be awesome to get a video on your gardening experience to date. Maybe some easy and recommended fruits/veg to grow at home, some best practices, your learnings in general, etc

  7. Please make sure to sanitize everything involved in this process. There’s a reason sprouts get recalled at an alarming rate. That moist environment is heaven to all sorts of funky bacteria that can hurt you.

  8. Dang … I never thought about the dried lentils in my cupboard !!! Hopefully once sprouted it changes my sensitivities

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