The Easiest Stir Fry Dish (Drunken Noodles)

A homemade stir fry is naturally going to be easy, but this noodle recipe is a full on meal.


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28 Replies to “The Easiest Stir Fry Dish (Drunken Noodles)”

  1. Josh if you ever stop doing b roll I will sob uncontrollably until I throw up

  2. I nearly exploded seeing this dish on your channel. All time favorite noodle dish, cant eait to try!!!

  3. Simple. Quick. Easy. Delicious.
    THIS is how your recipes should be my guy. 😎👌

  4. Never tried drunken noodles before, since most of the hawker store here cooks char kuey teow instead.

    Although both dish is very similar in term of ingredients used.

  5. After watching MANY Joshua's videos I still don't quite understand what is "B roll" or whatever.

  6. this is not the traditional preparation, which involves seasoning the chef with at least five shots of vodka half an hour before cooking

  7. Not everything has to be complicated says the guy who makes everything complicated.

  8. We called it "Kwetiau Goreng", Yum! add eggs like you would to an egg fridge rice, trust me! it will give you the extra char and texture

  9. Yo Joshua can please hook up a corned beef sandwich, Katz Deli gettin over dude🙏.

  10. So I have a shellfish allergy, what's a good substitute for the oyster sauce?

  11. My FIL loves drunken noodles. He always orders his super spicy and I kid you not, uses a napkin to wipe his bald head from sweating so bad.

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