The End of Spilled Drinks? SpillNot Review plus Q&A!

Today I’m testing out an interesting anti-spill gadget called SpillNot. It supposedly allows you to carry drinks or even bowls without spilling.

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0:00 Intro & Unboxing
0:57 First Use
2:19 Walking With Tea
3:15 Bowl Test
4:34 Stair Test
6:18 Final Thoughts
6:41 Q&A

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27 Replies to “The End of Spilled Drinks? SpillNot Review plus Q&A!”

  1. Love your reviews. Thanks for the bonus Q&A. For the Bedjet, do you use their sheets, or do you use your own sheets. I went back and rewatched your original review and am considering purchasing and am trying to decide if I want to purchase their sheets. I really enjoy the linen sheets I own and would like to know your thoughts.

  2. Cool review, but I would like to have seen you carry those various examples with your hand to compare how much you may have spilled without the product….

  3. One problem I see with the SpillNot, would be if you get bumped into or you bump into something. You don't have a grip on the cup, and that sudden change in velocity might make it go tumbling. Would like to see that tested. If I'm wrong, then you could use it in more crowded spaces, maybe even as a server. But I expect that would be its downfall.

  4. A cup gimbal… interesting. The big issue is that it can carry only one cup or bowl at a time.

  5. Halfway through and only thought I had was that a bigger handle would be nice for people with grip problems. Like the loop looks like my hand would fit but not have a lot of room.

  6. I’d be interested to know how it would work if you put the band round your wrist? As carrying with one finger is impossible for many people would it balance the same way?

  7. This is actually very nice when you have a hot bowl of soup and you don't want to spill it and don't want to burn your fingers trying to carry your soup.

  8. You missed 1 major test the sudden bumb …eg you turn around bumb into someone..alls come out off a doorway an bumb into someone

  9. There are videos of restaurants that use this idea. They tie strings to the servers trays. It is pretty cool

  10. Boulder City? Why are you sending people to my secret spot? No, we have monsters, sand worms even. Seriously though I love it here but I’m 54. nobody in their 20s wants to be in Boulder city it’s all old guys driving Corvettes living their golden years down here.

  11. Love ur channel. I have a question. I noticed that you wear a lot of Hawaii shirts. Are you originally from here? I live on big island in pahoa. And next time ur in island would love to meet you for a coffee.

  12. I love your integrity to only review things YOU want to, and not take any sponsorships after learning your lesson 5 years ago. Inspirational!

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