The Garden Series is back for 2023!

Today I run through my plans for outdoor projects this summer and have a look at what winter has left us with.

Garden Auger:

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14 Replies to “The Garden Series is back for 2023!”

  1. Evening Stu, you ever considered doing any car based DIY videos?
    Like chance brakes or how to check tyres?

  2. Given that your garden – being a big lawn with hedge around it – is a perfect canvas för garden design, it eould be really cool if you could make an episode on garden design. Showing what a miracle gardening is and how clever a design can be as a base for a long term transformation. Just a suggestion, given that you are amazing at explaining complicated things.

  3. Im curious what you think about the horse neighbour putting the posts on your side of the fence? My dad once told me responsibility for walls/fences fell to the person who has the posts on their side. Do you know if thats true? Dad has some strange truths sometimes…

  4. Scrapmen would take your hand off for that metal, might be worth considering if they aren't too dodgy round your way. Could always take it to the end of the drive for them but looks a lot of work.

  5. When are you going to sit on the bench, and what are you going to look at? Looks like a good spot for a nice wood shed and some extra planting.

  6. Stu, rip the drum out of the washing machine and make a firepit from it ????

  7. Hi Stuart
    It's great to see you starting the gardening series! I'm so excited to see your plans come to life. Do you know how I can stop the cats from doing their business on my new gravel driveway?
    Also, the fence blew down in the high winds at the start of the year. My adjoining neighbour claims the fence is his. The deeds state it's shared. Can I build a fence on my land astride the boundary?
    I'm really looking forward to more content!
    Thank you

  8. Hi Stuart. Regarding the galvanised metal pond, bear in mind that anything living that you attract, like newts and frogs, will want to be able to get out of the pond at night, to hunt, and then get back in during the day, so its often the reason why nature ponds are level with the ground, and have sloping sides inside. The shape of the tank looks ideal for a blade-based water feature, if you want to lose a height difference somewhere.
    Regarding bringing seedlings on over the winter, and you do have a large field to fill, I see a large greenhouse in your future.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your garden ideas .
    How much property is around your house ?

  10. That's a lot of work. Even more so for a gentleman of advanced years. Looks like ye ur going to need to call in a few favours. Ones that have a digger or two would be good. Ye might even have to get "She who must be obayed" involved. ???? Later

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