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  1. Have you calculated the Mash Deadspace Loss, and the Loss to Trub? I would like to input those figures into a Beersmith equipment profile.

  2. Somewhat off topic question… could I add the water that's going out of the chiller to a bucket and use to do a load of laundry or two? Meaning, can I simply dump the water into my washer? I'm tempted top try, but a bit scared of overflow.

  3. Great video, I was having second thoughts about getting one, but it looks super easy and gets the job done in a super clean way.
    Buying one for myself as a Christmas present hehe…

  4. Awesome, thanks a ton, you've really helped me make my mind up about getting the GFather. Now concerning Tip 18: I suggest you don't do that if you have a dog. Some like the smell of hops and if they eat a significant amount they will get hyperthermia, which means you'll be up all night making sure they cool off by any means. Sucks.

  5. Great video with some great tips, but– Another tip: Do not boil your wort with the lid on, or else you will have dimethyl sulfides (DMS) in your beer. They need an hour to completely boil off. So I would use a different method of filtering your hops, such as a metal hop rocket that hangs on the side, or tie a bag such as the one in the video to a clip on the outside of the Grainfather.

  6. Nice video but, I really can't afford $1300.00 for a coffee pot on steriods!!! and that's for the low end brewer!!!

  7. Just got mine today – great video! Cheers from Fort Collins. (If youre in the Denver area, check out CO-Brew on Broadway for some good gear, if you havent already. Learned a lot from those guys).

  8. Brilliant, Mate you seem to really have it all figured out when it comes to the Grainfather. I'm loving the Brewery tips. Cheers mate have pint mate, you've shown us that you deserve one. Just brilliant sincerely

  9. You should make a video about getting the lid off of that type of fermenter. It's still kicking my ass!

  10. One thing missing is a sight glass. How can you tell when adding sparge water, do you know when to stop?

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