14 Replies to “The HARDCORE: 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Technique”

  1. i cant wait to see a gracie tap on tape from a 10th planet technique but at the end of the day a 10th planet Black belt takes how long 5-10 years??

  2. its good to be the good ganja! . Just no other way to say it… Thanks for posting. Excellent move.. i was looking 100% and ran into this.. damm. The name says it all.

  3. u can do a crucifix from that hook in the beggining after the sprawl rite? with like a lil rollever

  4. Nice technique, something new to work on.
    Thanks bro..this is Alex from Legends in hollywood..AKA 4SAKENSOUNDS…

  5. Christ on a bike thats some twisted up shit right there. Wish i could pull off half the moves these guys can.
    Another quality vid from subs 101.

  6. Love anything where the person has to say "tap" rather then being able to tap. That means you're done. Good technique.

  7. my favorite part of eddie's first book was when he was talking about 100% then said that it didn't work on royler

  8. HolySHIT that is a sexy-ass move.
    I love how he took the guy's back in the beginning…just fuckin-lovely

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