The Only Habit That Will Change Your Life

Hey guys! Today, we’ll tell you a story about Nancy. Lately, she’s been feeling generally unhappy with life; there seem to be all these things she wants, but they’re just not happening for her. She wants that promotion at work. She wants to eat healthier. She wants to go to the gym more. She wants more energy. Things that we all want!

The list seems overwhelming to Nancy, though. She begins to feel kinda bad about herself, and starts overeating, having anxiety, and laying awake at night thinking about all these things that seem so out of reach. Nancy becomes grumpy and mopey. Nancy feels like she’s in a vicious cycle… What should she do to get out of it?

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Why Nancy decided to make a change 0:22
Why did the cycle begin again? 1:53
What should she have done differently? 2:54
The first place where Nancy went wrong 3:33
So what happened to her? 5:06

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– One day Nancy realized that enough was enough, and decided to make a change. She wrote down all her goals, and even began to get excited, feeling a burst of energy that she hadn’t felt in a long time!
– She started going to the gym every day after work. She started eating huge salads for nearly every meal.
– BUT…soon Nancy started feeling overwhelmed again. Her new, heavier workload at the office and going to the gym after work every day was exhausting for her.
– The cycle began again. Instead of seeing the number on the scale go down, Nancy saw it go up, or stay the same.
– Nancy didn’t have true commitment to her goals. She wanted fast, instantly gratifying results.
– If you have some big goals, especially if you have several at once, take a step back. Make sure you’re really committed to put in the work, and to be patient with getting results.
– Decide what’s doable for you – how many nights after work are you okay with going to the gym? What’s a reasonable goal to set for yourself?
– Do it until it just becomes part of your life; it should be second nature, like showering every day. Soon the action of working out will turn into a habit.
– t doesn’t just apply to fitness goals. Small goal + commitment = habit. Habit + increased small goal + commitment = achieved goal!
– So what happened to Nancy? She branched out her goals and applied true commitment to each step. Nancy feels a sense of accomplishment.
– Her sense of accomplishment has given her a huge confidence boost too, and that’s important here as well. Sometimes, that surge of energy you feel after you’ve achieved something is confidence!
– Just do it the right way so that you’re not overwhelmed – which can set you back and make you feel discouraged.

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18 Replies to “The Only Habit That Will Change Your Life”

  1. Hey there guys! If you could change ANYTHING in your life, what would be the first thing to change?

  2. I love how we don't get bored from fast food but quickly feel bored from healthy

  3. I got a big dream, to have my own house in this city where I am now for freeeeee.
    That I am going to do, I am going o get educated and smart. Step by step I will get there
    God bless

  4. I am doing a minimum of 100 press ups every morning 7 days and 100 in the evening twice a week.

  5. Small goal + commitment = habit

    Habit + increased small goal +commitment = achieved goal

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