The Origins of Shaolin Kung Fu | Sadhguru

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Sadhguru narrates a fascinating story about the Pallava prince, Bodhidharma, who journeyed beyond the Himalayas and imparted the ancient martial art form, Kalaripayattu, to his disciples in China.

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12 Replies to “The Origins of Shaolin Kung Fu | Sadhguru”

  1. First tym I have heard about bodhi Dharma in Tamil movie.
    In that movie clearly explained how he moved from Tamilnadu to china.

    Movie name 7 sense aurum I think
    In Hindi Chennai vs china

  2. The story by Sadguru is not what was well documented. Emperor Wu didn't ask if he will attain nirvana or not. He asked how much merits did he gathered by sponsoring monks and dharma in China. Boddhidharma answered none. This is because doing kind acts for the sake of rewards only gathers good karma but not merit. Merits come from self cultivation.

  3. The Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautama in Nepal around 2,500 years ago.

  4. Kungfu is not decendent of kalari..kungfu is of different tradition..sashguru is ignorant

  5. The Mother of Martial Arts is Greece. Pangration Boxing Wrestling. Over 4000 Years Old. God Apollo already was a Pagkration Master. Proof of ancient Martial Arts in Santorini Minos 2000 b. C. India get The MArtial Arts from The Ancient Greeks travelled to India and China… Please be real..

  6. I'm Indian.. I couldn't care less about where most spiritual things originate or take any pride in something or someone (say my ancestors or ancient art forms) just because I'm loosely related to by virtue of 'just' being Indian. I would be proud if I practiced it but that's another thing. But I care about the philosophy, I love learning about it (whilst leaving belief in the said thing up to internal debate)… and I can't help but notice that most things spiritual do originate in India. It's pleasant to know and kind of astonishing.

  7. Only speech writing for relief a kungfu is a environment in china to develop china as the most perfect in character on tang dignity.

  8. Kung ku is definitely not originated from India . Bcos Indian do not understand the concept behind martial arts or internal arts. In taoism , the 2 arts mentioned are practised for spiritual purpose not really for fighting.For fighting boxing is more effective. In ancient china , buddhism is called ZEN ( in modern mandarin is CHAN). Why is called ZEN is something like TAO. Shao Lin is ZEN thus it incoporated the martial or internal arts of Taoism. As a malaysian chinese, I always think ZEN is part of taoism.
    The shao lin ZEN has 2 parts,
    a) buddhist meditation & chanting
    b) Internal or martial arts

    The japanese took the meditation portion but forgot to bring along the internal or martial arts. So the japanese shao lin ZEN is not complete.

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