The ROG 6 PRO has a SECRET Cavity! – TEARDOWN

Today we take apart the ROG phone 6 Pro! Get 50% off your first your first month with Kiwico HERE: and huge thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video. Today we find out why our $1300 dollar smartphone snapped in half. The ROG phone 6 pro is the worlds most powerful gaming smartphone. And it snapped in half like a soggy cracker. Today we disassemble this ROG 6 and explore the hidden passageway we find inside.

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25 Replies to “The ROG 6 PRO has a SECRET Cavity! – TEARDOWN”

  1. They should switch to more stury material like Apple does. Their stainless steel frame gives solid stability and IMHO would also provide good heat dissipation as well. The caveat is that especially the Pro Max get 248g heavy. Though if you sell a premium product at such a high price tag, it‘s unforgivable that it snaps in half this easy! Come on, ASUS, you can do better than that!

  2. Rog knows who this phone is made for. A very Niche market. Very cool. But not a daily driver

  3. Earth will be mostly the same in 50 years, though it's possible some creatures will be extinct, nowhere near all of them. I have no science degree. That's just common sense.

  4. The angle iron shape of that cavity surround tells me that it is there to give the phone rigidity, especially considering where its placed.

  5. The cavity in this phone cannot be a "conduit" as conduit needs to conduct something. Cavities filled with air are terrible conductors. (Hence we use double/triple glazed windows where between each layer we use a "non-conductive gas"–air in the cheapest, argon in the mid-range, or ultra-low pressure argon in the priciest.)

  6. Looks like a repair nightmare. I'll pass lol. I'm fine with my old relic Razer phone 2👍

  7. "I was just minding my business bending my phone in half and it actually bent in half"

    I hate it when I bend something I shouldn't bend and it breaks too

  8. Hey Jerry, You should make a device for bend testing to be more consistent with the applied force , That will be even more helpful

  9. All that fine splintered glass makes me so uneasy. You get such a weird feeling in your fingers after handling glass like that. I pray for your fingers Zack

  10. @9:52 “kind of like earth in 50 years”?
    Don’t spread ignorance. Young people are very subjective to lies!
    Why would someone like Obama buy a multimillion dollar house ocean side if the “threat” of “global warming” was real?
    It’s climate change. The climate changes.
    The ice bergs that are melting probably were created back when one of the large astroids impacted earth causing a block out from the sun, because of all the dust in the air, or from one of the volcanoes exploding, releasing a bunch of stuff into the atmosphere, which blocked out the sun ..

  11. I Have a ROG Phone 5 Pro I repair it and I sell it !
    Blackshark is better ?
    I prefer My Blackview BL8800 Pro my War Phone but I need a good Gaming Phone for Play2earn Cryptocurrencies

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