the sad life of kylie jenner

Let’s take a peek behind the highlight reel of Kylie Jenner. What is her life REALLY like (hint: it’s probably not as perfect as you’d think) For 50% off your first Care/of order, visit and use code STEPHANIE

Here’s the links to the disturbing KUWTK episodes I wasn’t allowed to put in the video:
– Kylie being ignored whilst Kendall is given modelling career:
– Kendall and Kylie making a ‘girls gone wild’ video:

Poor little Kylie Jenner. She may be an (almost… kind of… maybe) billionaire, but aside from money, it seems like Kylie’s life might have been pretty empty. There’s only so much joy you can get from a room full of designer handbags and expensive clothes, when all you want is the love of your family, real friendships and a normal life. So often we think these influencers and celebrities have everything. Perfect life, perfect body, perfect face, perfect relationship – yet that is SO rarely the case. So let’s take a look behind the highlight reel of social media, and look into the real life aspects of being Kylie Jenner. From plastic surgery, to losing friendships, to feeling like the odd one out in her family – it definitely aint all sunshine and roses.

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  1. Usually I completely agree with your videos but kylie was DEFINITELY NOT discouraged from being a model… She was just told that she's still young and that she could always pursue that avenue when she became older. She even did model for a while. After a certain point of time, everyone realises the negative or positive influence they have on others. Some things might not have gone perfect in her life but that's the way it is for everyone. Unfortunate but still something that everybody goes through. I don't really feel much sympathy for kylie cuz of how wasteful she is n people are just now picking up on it. Everyone makes choices that define their lives and she can definitely choose to change the product and lifestyle she propagates. At the end of the day it is a way to get more people to think they need your products. They're human and everything but they don't live a sad life because of problems that arise in life every now and then.

  2. I cannot believe that she is literally, single-handedly, the reason for the lip-filler pandemic.

  3. I feel she went for the whole billionaire thing cause it set her apart from her sisters. Kris Jenner was famously said to have her favourite child be the one who earns the most. Having that billionaire status showed that Kylie wasn’t just a social media star, she was a business woman. I think she did it to be taken seriously.

  4. You're trying to be so sweet&nice&polite but it doesn't actually work. "Tragic transformation"? What's your problem with her plastic surgeries? Your target are the young teenagers with trust issues in themself. Let's not eat 💩, a lot of us if not all would change our lifestyle with her in a second.

  5. Agreed with the Girls Gone Wild part but they knew about because the creator of it was running around their house. Remember he was regarded as a family friend who I believe also had something to do with their show.

  6. Everyone is so blinded about her lips and hair line but she definitely got a nose 👃🏽 job as well

  7. I feel like with all this persona forced and expected, really in her head she's like "f*CK I need a bong, where did I put my poop shaped slippers?"

    Let's say she had a bit of a nip. Totally not a problem but if you get one, you get them all and that's ok.

  8. I remember watching an old episode where Kylie was sad because she never thought she was a cute baby or child and Kendal was telling her she’s wrong and how cute she was. Ngl that was so sad. I think she has some serious self esteem issues and I think her family never really helped her love herself for who she is, I think it’s the same for Khloe. I hope Kylie can see how cute her daughter is and find some compassion for herself by proxy of loving her daughter (who everyone says looks just like Kylie did as a child).

  9. What's worse? Her being rich and dumb or poor idiots buying her products 🤣

  10. Only way, I could feel sorry for someone is if they tried everything and failed but kept trying. But I will never feel sorry for someone who can log off their social media to not see bad stories about themselves. Or delete or block them. So hard to do. 😱

  11. i don't feel bad for Kylie. Her moaning about her childhood had me cringing. The normal everyday person has no idea of the rich lavish lifestyle she, even as a child had access to. So of course her childhood and life, even now is far from normal. The pressures on her about her looks are an issue for her I agree, but that's where my sympathy ends. If anyone's had it hard in that family it's Rob, or maybe Khloe…

  12. Kylie should completely live off the grid or save all of the North Korean people .

  13. Can u do one on taylor swift? i feel like she portrais herself as an angel but she really isn't

  14. BOO-HOO! She SURELY learned from the BEST how to lie and be SO TOTALLY phony!

    It’s a FACT that the whole family has PAID for their “followers” on IG(ANYONE can buy followers from one of the many companies that provide the service to “beef up” IG or other accounts) so OF COURSE they do-because adverts see hundreds of millions and that converts to $$$ signs.
    The whole family is so screwed up.
    They are ALL ONLY about TWO things-money and attention.

    All of them also has a team of hired fake paparazzi to follow them around, make a scene and photograph them.. and it’s been proven that they photoshop the HELL out of their pictures before they’re released online or in any other way.

    There’s millions of teenage-early 20’s aged girls who are unhappy with the way they look BUT they can’t afford to have a TOTAL face, dental and body makeover like Kylie and ALL of them have had done.

    They tried to hide the fact of their low ratings on their show(and stated that they were paid HUGE) for their “new” show but it’s been said that they in fact PAID to get it on for them to try to stay relevant..
    Doesn’t that make more sense..considering that they had downright dismal ratings for the last 4 or so seasons on the E! Channel

    Never mind the FACT that Forbes magazine was downright disgusted that vapid Kris LIED about Kylie’s net worth-she’s NOT worth billions..Kris showed Forbes a fake tax return and they called her out on it..Google it if you want to read the truth.

    They had a trial against Blac Chyna during the same time as JD/AH and guess what, nobody cared & it really upset them. We all saw how much of a narcissist AH is..but damn, I think there’s a picture of the Kardashian’s next to the definition of narcissism and narcissists. I wouldn’t believe a WORD any of them says even if their tongue was notarized!

    Kylie’s ugliness inside shows on the outside no matter how much plastic surgery she’ll EVER have done…

  15. I don’t feel bad for any one in that family, nor am I Jealous of them in any aspect. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with this family

  16. I am currently watching this video not because it’s about the little Jenna girl but I just love how you put everything in perspective.

    Also a sidenote you are looking fabulous I think your bump agrees with you I’m loving the hair and your make up and you have a beautiful voice so thank you for what you do

  17. I was on Omegle at 13. Kids are going to do stuff like that. And of you shelter and control them then they’ll go wild once they are given the smallest amount of freedom.

  18. as far as why the forbes drama happened, i have a theory. the kar-jenners tend to spark drama, rumors, or launch new products often in order to stay relevant and the topic of conversation. stormi was born in early 2018 and kylie had the most liked instagram picture at the time (remember the egg?). the forbes drama was about a year later. she was staying relevant. speaking of the instagram egg, the picture surpassed kylie's picture just months before she the forbes drama.

  19. Rob was 18/19 when the show started. I feel like Kylie should have became private just like him instead of feeding into that family's circus

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