The SECRETS to REMOVING SOAP SCUM! ???? Clean Like a Pro ????



Cleaning expert Melissa Maker [ @melissamaker ] shares some professional advice when it comes to dealing with soap scum. #cleaning #cleaningvideo #cleaningmotivation

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – What is Soap Scum?
2:17 – How to Remove Soap Scum
6:48 – How to Prevent Soap Scum
9:38 – Comment Question: How Often Do You Clean Your Shower?
9:58 – Next: How to Clean a Bathtub Like a Pro

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12 Replies to “The SECRETS to REMOVING SOAP SCUM! ???? Clean Like a Pro ????”

  1. First for glass panels in shower, check to see if mfgr put a specific coating on glass. If you can.
    On my shower cannot use some common household liquids.

  2. My partner does not and will not squeegee, lol
    I'm currently at war with the soap scum

  3. Thanks! This motivated me to finally clean the scum off my glass shower doors ???? I tried using baking soda and vinegar before, and that wasn't successful, so I lost motivation, but the dish soap and vinegar mixture worked better!

  4. I use a squeegee followed by a towel on the glass shower doors any time water hits the glass.

  5. The essential oil also removes soap scum in the water/detergent combo. Sanitizes too. Kills off tinea on the shower base. Anti-viral (particularly Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oils – Thursday Plantation is fine to use) – Here in Australia one can buy larger quantities of Eucalyptus in a water soluble format as well as undiluted. Brand called Bosistos. Very recommended to add a cap full to the spray bottle when someone in the house isn't well with a 'virus'.

  6. My mom taught me to use baking soda on any surface that was easily scratched because it doesn't scratch. I even use it on glassware and ceramic ware because IT DOESN'T SCRATCH.

  7. If you have a brand new glass everything works , but nothing works on damaged glass. But go ahead use what ever you think works , because it doesn't.

  8. ???? who else needs to go brush their teeth now because of Melissa's comparison of dental plaque with soap scum ????

  9. If you have a shower curtain. I take mine down about every 30 to 45 days and put it in the washer.

  10. i use the daily spray at each shower and it works well! thank you. By the way, I fell in the stairs in my house last Christmas. I was then injured and stuck lying down for weeks. This is where i discover your channel and fell completely addicted ???? I applied a lot of your tricks and suggestions and change completely my way of cleaning my house. I appreciate also the evolution of the family and your personnel stories. I just recently finished watching all your videos !! yes yes ! I think i could participate to a CMS quiz ????

  11. My last job was at a women's homeless shelter and we had the guests use a towel to dry out the shower stall and external floor area after each use.

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