The Slime Spilling is getting out of control…

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Peachybbies is one of the largest slime companies in the United States, providing high quality slimes nationwide! Based in Austin, Texas.

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12 Replies to “The Slime Spilling is getting out of control…”

  1. Erin in the background:This is revenge for making the confetti slime pink

  2. I have a cool slime idea and I think you should sell it on the store

    add 1 tablespoon of pink powder
    liquid white diy to make an even lighter
    a strawberry & cloud smell
    strawberry cloud and rainbow charms
    and it should be called " Kawaii clouds "
    and then after a month or two to see how well it does and if it does good keep it as an official slime

  3. Did you see the girl at the back laughing she probably broke the bin

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