The Soulful Art of a Flamenco Guitar

Conde guitars have been inspiring artists from Leonard Cohen to Bob Dylan. They are made in a humble basement workshop in Madrid by a third generation of artisans.

Video by Gloria Kurnik and Leila Hussain

MADE is a Bloomberg Digital Original series focusing on craftspeople and their premium wares, all made the hard way.

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19 Replies to “The Soulful Art of a Flamenco Guitar”

  1. The title says "Conde guitars" but should say "Felipe Conde guitars". They were 2 brothers, Felipe and Mariano, who split the business in the early 2000s. And both are Conde.

  2. can someone please tell me what we hear exactly at 6:30 to 6:40 who is the guy singing? and what is he singing? is it a song or improvisation??

  3. Grande España, dónde Árabes introdujeron la Guitarra, también Árabe, y en dónde delicadas Manos de Artesana.Niña Hermosa elabora el Instrumento Mágico, Universal, Versátil mente Maravilloso, con qué Crea la Música Mestiza Misteriosa Infinitamente Hermosa, El Flamenco. Dios Bendiga las manos de la Artista María Conde, y Bendiga a la Madre Patria España por Siempre, olé…….

  4. The beautiful lady has elegant hands and fingers, beautiful attention to detail and so articulate and well spoken. Love her story. Excellent videography and editing capturing the earthy passionate flamenco vibe. I would love to own one of these guitars one day!

  5. Any person who makes guitars or really most anything that is made by hand, will never be able to maintain perfect fingernails, with them being beautifully painted. Cute attempt at trying to convince everyone that you actually make these guitars, but I'm calling you out. Whoever is actually making these guitars, is an excellent craftsman, but it ain't this chick.

  6. How weird I just came across this. I'm just waiting for the delivery of My New Spanish Made Guitar 👍 ( where else could you possibly buy a guitar from but Espana' 🇪🇸 )
    Roj UK

  7. Dont see so much crafted women's making guitars now you the 3 generation make it, great to see the love for this wunderfull guitars you created 😍

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