17 Replies to “The Tile Floor SECRET NO ONE Tells You!”

  1. @STUD PACK What level app did you use to get the 23 degree slope on the ceiling? Another great video guys! I am a general contractor with one helper. I don’t know how you guys manage all the work you do and then run a full time YouTube channel with do much great content that’s perfectly edited… You guys rock!!

  2. Didn’t realize how ready I’ve been for some full feature length Studpack… cheers guys!!!

  3. I second Alconium's thoughts about your channel. Your creativity and can do attitude get me every time. One thing you've probably thought about, but should mention in the next video, is providing air inlet to the stud bay with the air admittance valve.

  4. You should have just moved the door over six or eight inches and saved yourself so much time.

  5. measure for your electrical box for light come on to cut drywall your niche should have been framed out like a window jack stubs and header nothing supporting stud but drywall screws in drywall

  6. Excellent work Paul, you really have some amazing skills making all that work in a seemingly impossible situation (fridge, lack of tools, timing, crazy tile cuts, plumbing ridiculousness, etc). Props to everyone too.

  7. Great video! Was nice to see a side project to get some wins after all of the losses to the rain in H-town.

  8. I really enjoyed the longer format of the video guys!… it was nice to kick back and really settle into the details, can't wait for the next one!!

  9. I think there was a collective ‘oh yeah’ around the world when that piece of tile fit in!
    Doing some re-modelling on my own at the moment. StudPack helps a tonne by showing the highs and lows, and making me feel like I’m doing this as part of a big team! Thanks guys!

  10. Awesome job guys, I've missed seeing this type of content but I'm sure the stud pack house will have some great content. Cant wait to see your next episode.

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