The Village Has Its Own Best KFC! Crispy Chicken Legs For All Children

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Wilderness Cooking channel about cooking delicious dishes in the wild.
We live in a village and try to find very beautiful places to shoot.

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20 Replies to “The Village Has Its Own Best KFC! Crispy Chicken Legs For All Children”

  1. I loved the headline of this video, that KFC has its own good chicken for all children. That was very nice of you. 💯❤😇🙏💪😎👋👌🙂👍

  2. Did somebody say KFC?…🥱Nope,this is much better🏆what a treat for the kids,🤔come to think of it everything that gets cooked for the kids is a treat

  3. Повезло соседским пацанам с таким добрым дядей. Мира всем!

  4. Ребятки вырастут и будут Вас вспоминать добрыми словами)))

  5. Ай дядя, снова очень сильно, очень красиво, очень вкусно!!! Машаллахх

  6. Wait.. I was enjoying the video until he brought out the watermelon to go with fried chicken 🤔

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