The Weekender: "Massive Primary Bedroom" (Episode 4)

Sometimes, square footage can be your biggest enemy. In Episode 4 of The Weekender, Monica creates some custom furniture to cozy up the awkwardly large primary bedroom in Aaron & Becca’s new home.

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15 Replies to “The Weekender: "Massive Primary Bedroom" (Episode 4)”

  1. Loved, loved …loved the head board and the console table! Beautiful design!

  2. The room still feels like a bowling alley to me. The rug at the foot of the bed is sad, the mismatched furniture is all pushed against the walls, the wall scone cords are upstaging the artwork, I don't understand a console table instead of a large dresser with mirror, and the faux fireplace looks very unfinished as well as being on the wrong wall.

  3. beautiful I love the headboard, where can I find the step by step tutorial to make this headboard?

  4. They need to buy some nice furniture and can add some bookshelves for a reading area as well

  5. I really like the stain color on the headboard. What product/color is that?? Looks like a dark walnut stain but can't say for sure.

  6. The room is too spacious and too airy. If it was smaller, it’d look so much better.

  7. Looking at this once again on 10/17/20. I would like to have seen a deeper fireplace mantel, a hearth, and either a set up for gel fuel with ceramic logs (the gel fuel actually gives you real flames and heat but is safe to use without venting outdoors because it burns clean), or an electric fireplace "screen" or a log set-up of some kind. Staring at a 3 inch deep "fireplace" with nothing in it just smacks of – NOTHING. And those chairs were not inviting you to sit there and have an intimate conversation on a cozy evening before the "fire," either. But I loved what Monica did with the rest of the room, considering the limited time and budget she evidently had and trying to fill that huge space so it's useful without looking overcrowded. Frankly, how much time do people actually spend in their "master suites" when they're now at home essentially against their own choice because of the pandemic!

  8. This is probably my third or maybe even my 4th time viewing this series, I just love Monica! This room was great, as far as it went. I realize, though, such a HUGE space there is only so much that can be done in 2 days plus a little finish up. I really liked the idea of the fireplace mantel and still do, but those chairs – nope – mistake. You need something more lush, plush and comfy there and bigger, to take up more space. And a big fat cushy ottoman. I think the fireplace should have also been built out further from the wall and heat lining installed so you could use an electric log set and really give it a more total and romantic/cozy look, especially in the winters in New York state! Maybe these are projects that the owners eventually did themselves, or brought carpenters in to do. I would love to see some follow-ups of some of these episodes (4 seasons worth and enjoyed every single one of them) now – a few years later – to see how they've held up and whether they've stood the test of time. Monica has such fab ideas and they can be applied to so many different types of homes (like my plain old 1956 basic 3/1 "ranch" house in Milwaukee) that's why I keep coming back and watching her over and over again. The inspiration never gets old.

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