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Introducing the World’s Best Soap Shoe Riders, Soapers, Shoe Grinders! This is the Epic Grind Shoes Team! ( We had just the slightest idea of what was possible on soap shoes and my gosh you are not ready for what’s about to go down! Sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and check out what these guys can do!


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  1. Before the video, I thought meh. But it was fully entertaining! Great video!

  2. yep. this is the one that did it. im too old to be subbed to this chan anymore.

  3. Yoooo Montre has been my favorite rollerblader for as long as I can remember. I’ve skated with him a few times and seen him at tons of comps. He’s just as chill and down to earth as he seems in the vid. Such a fun dude to be around. Cool to see him on the channel!

  4. ive been daily wearing my epics for more than a full month. they are extremely nice, everything in this video is true, they are actually as nice as normal shoes, and feel just like normal shoes too. i even wear them while driving and they feel absolutely perfect. id say get a pair if you're interested in them at all. just dont try to use thin ladders…

  5. I'm so happy that Soaps are coming back. I could finally do an accurate Sonic Cosplay

  6. Are guys gonna let some street bmxers come and rip it up, or even a trials biker

  7. Yayyyy… Finally u guys tried the epic skate shoes!!! And having montre there is just amazing!!! He is among the best inline skater that i know!!!! Icon skates!!! Braille team is just awesome!!!!

  8. Epic grind shoes and heelys should do a collab together those shoes would be sick

  9. Now thats what peak physical fitness looks like….single handstanding off a rail…

  10. i used to have a pair of heely/soap shoes so u could heely into grinds and stuff, it was so much fun as a kid .

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