12 Replies to “these sourdough loaves are too pretty to eat”

  1. Wow,how amazing,and it bread.
    That's where the saying comes into play ' doesn't matter what it is it's the thought that goes into a gift & all that hand painting that has been done!!!! BEAUTIFULL ⚘️

  2. "Wow, these sourdough loaves are stunning! Thanks for the delicious tutorial Tasty. Speaking of comments, have you tried using Fantaclaus to easily engage with your viewers? Highly recommend!"

  3. "No ma'am, quite the contrary! I am exercising caution for your direct safety by telling you to LEAVE"

  4. Wow. That is incredible, edible art! Just. Wow!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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