This Idea Sucked…So We Fixed It

Building an Epoxy Resin Slab Table
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In this video we’re building a live edge, epoxy, resin, slab coffee table. Our first plan was to make a large dining table using two slabs, but when trying to find a layout, we didn’t like anything enough. to commit to it. So when we decided to pivot, we realized we could make two large coffee tables out of our material…and even have enough leftover for another project. We’re really happy we decided to make this 11th hour change, because instead of ending up with 1 project we didn’t really like…now we have two projects that we do really like!
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0:00 Intro
0:33 Picking Slab Layout
2:17 Why Epoxy Tables Now?
3:22 How to NOT Waste Epoxy
4:54 Epoxy Pour 1 & Designing The Base
7:36 Epoxy Pour 2 & Over Engineering
9:27 Big Problem with the Form
10:55 A Big Last Minute Change
12:26 Handling Wood Movement
13:57 Order of Operations
15:41 How To Keep The Top Flat
16:53 Sanding and Finishing
17:40 Final Assembly & Beauty Shots

21 Replies to “This Idea Sucked…So We Fixed It”

  1. Nice work, beautiful table. Question/Suggestion….What do you thin of the idea of building the form maybe a 1/4" bigger both ways and lining it with polyethylene kind of like a swimming pool liner? It would give you one more defense against leaks and prevent sticking to the form. At least you would only have poly to scrap off.

  2. I would have used a cnc or router sled with a surfacing bit to remove the stuck melamine. But that's coming from someone who had neither lol

  3. Love this, and love the recent builds. I know you both aren’t epoxy superfans, but when done with your level of design and craftsmanship (and without the sparkly glitter) it can work really well.
    I love seeing these slab builds, regardless of whether you use epoxy or not, you’ll be lead by the design and the wood – keep going!

  4. I'll admit to being very skeptical about the outcome as the video began but you guys did an excellent job.
    Well done, In fact, very well done.
    And thank you for pointing out the mis-steps along the way.
    I prefer to learn from other people's' mistakes, as I make enough of my own

  5. Hey Guys!
    Love your videos, great detail but fun and flowy at the same time.
    I know I would love to see a BTS vid on everything before the first cut.
    The sketch, modeling and problem solving.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I think that epoxy tables can be well done, but they are definitely going to be our generation's version of "dated" furniture in 10-20 years. They will be our faux-wood paneling or olive green appliances.

  7. Use the CNC to take off the melamine slab. It works quite well, and you can go do something else while it works.

  8. I cut it of with my 88 inch wide cut bandsaw mill works great did two this week.

  9. Aww man! I thought the legs were gonna stay natural but just the edge between the two pieces would be black. Kind of as a reflection of the black epoxy between pieces in the top.

    Oh well. Maybe next time!

  10. I usually detest epoxy in furniture, especially those horrible river tables. But this one was tasteful and I like it fine.

  11. Saludos desde Guatemala, tu trabajo me inspira mucho! Cada día veo un video tuyo 💪🏽😎🦬

  12. Pls tell me about that drill bit you used at 9:15 in the drill guide. Some kind of thread cutter?

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