This Method of Trellising Tomatoes is a Game Changer!

The Most Effective, Time Saving, Space Saving, and Convenient way to Trellis your Tomato Plants

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Intro 00:00
Tomato Roller Hooks – 00:28
Why Not Use Just a String – 00:43
Why Use a Tomato Roller and 10Ft + Tomatoes – 00:52
Lowering and Leaning Tomatoes – 01:03
Safer and Easier Way to Harvest Tomatoes – 01:13
How to Set up and Use Roller Hooks on a Tomato Trellis – 01:29
Tomato Clips and Why they Work so Well – 02:40
How to Use a Tomato Clip – 02:54
How to Detach and Reuse a Tomato Clip – 04:30
Tuck in the Garden – 04:54
What to do With Low Tomato Clips not Bearing Weight – 05:36
How to Anchor your String to the Trellis to Save Tomatoes – 05:53
Preventing Tomatoes from Being Damaged by the String and Clip – 06:17
Reducing any Damage from Wind when Trellising – 07:14
Where to get Tomato Clips – 07:35
Where to get Tomato Roller Hooks – 07:46
The Reason Why you Should Grow Tomatoes Like This – 08:04
Outro – 09:23

22 Replies to “This Method of Trellising Tomatoes is a Game Changer!”

  1. Time to make a nicer trellis this week for my tomatoes. Thank you & Tuck, the amazing Garden Guardian.????

  2. New subscriber, I've been watching for a few weeks and love the content. I only live a few minutes from you so your gardening timing and advise couldn't be any better

  3. Mushroom basket tomato?!! Hope to see a tomato harvest video soon ???? love for Tuck ❤❤❤

  4. hey james,thanks for the video:) my food area almost done,lot of work. question…. what do you do with all that food? im single and thinking of giving a lot to neighbors.

  5. Zone 6b. Great minds think alike. I'll be planting Roma here and there. I think two stakes and lace string back and forth a few times giving a place for sucker support. You encourage us to think outside conventional wisdom. ❤ to Tuck. We will be using your pruning method again for our cucumbers. Thanks so much James.

  6. Oh, dear James, you and Tuck are so wonderful. There are other youtuber gardeners that I like to learn from, as well. But, you have such a lovely spirit that it's a special joy to watch and learn from you. Thank you.

  7. Ordered some clips ❤❤❤ I've got some, but as many tomatoes as I grow, I need more. I'm trying the "trellis to make you jealous" this year. I hope this does better than stakes and cages. Wish me luck ????????

  8. I can't wait to try this! I love how you keep bringing such valuable content! Looking forward to seeing your 30-50 bamboo staked tomatoes! Thank you!

  9. I learned about this style of trellising a 1 1/2 years ago from another youtuber. Though I much prefer the roller version and how you secure the end/soil attachment. Seriously love those clips, And they Seriously cheap.

  10. Ill have to give this a try for my tomatoes, unfortunately i grew waaay too many (81) so I decided to give some away to neighbours and friends ????
    The hoodie I ordered is arriving Monday, I am looking forward to wearing it!

  11. Seed of Life begins with
    1 center circle surrounded by 6 identical. ..
    Then 12 additional form the
    Flower of Life

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