This Walmart MTB looks incredible, but is it really?

Walmart is a place for cheap stuff, and so understandably their bikes are VERY cheaply made. I take no issue with that. My criticism has always been that they prioritize features that make the bike LOOK more impressive, but PERFORM worse. The Kent Trouvaille mountain bike is something different from Walmart. This bike has LESS features, and offers a ton of value for the price… or it least it looks that way. Today, we’ll find out if this bike is really as impressive as it looks.

The Kent Trouvaille

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16 Replies to “This Walmart MTB looks incredible, but is it really?”

  1. It's awesome to see these cheap bikes finally coming around. Even if some of the parts aren't the best in the world, they have accommodations for really good parts. As someone who likes working on my bike and making upgrades myself this is the perfect kind of platform bc I can get the original bike for cheap and ride it while I slowly upgrade it. By the time I'm done all that will be left is the frame anyway, although honestly, on this one that Advent 1×9 would probably stay until it's worn out. I've had really good experience with Microshift

  2. I worked at Sportchek (bigish box canadian sports store) and WE assembled and tuned bikes too a high standard, and provided free 'tuneups' for our store bikes forever afterwards. We got paid piecework for assembles, but since we were the ones doing the tunes as well we had to do it fast but also WELL. I can guarantee the people who assemble at big box stores like costco or walmart are NOT bike techs, they are just whoever is at the store the day the 500 bikes show up and they just slam them together as fast as they can. You can't sell a bike that is in a brown box you see. Most places like that do not have a bike service department or any knowledgeable staff who can tune or adjust anything on a bike with any knowledge. So, while the bikes themselves may be solid and half decent, you definitely want to go over the whole bike and make sure everything is tight, brakes are aligned, gears change smoothly, etc etc.

  3. Ahh the Walgoose it's been a long time, seems that this bike could have potential, but I am absolutely annoyed at the fact that they routed the chain wrong. Time to sell my Gt aggressors Cyan Blue (California) with Stan's S1 Wheels asking price $900, can go down to $750 no less than that dealt with Lowball offers, stopped communication which I am strict about, or in rare cases being almost scammed so only accept buyers in California to play safe.

  4. Seth, as a former lead mechanic, I feel you have an obligation to those that watch your videos to let them know, that for any bike of suspect origin, they should put a wrench on every nut and bolt and make sure that nothing is loose. I have wrenched on some of the best brands in the industry and have found that every one makes mistakes. A simple check fixes so many gremlins later on and keeps new riders in the game. What you said about checking the brakes and other components is "spot on". Thank you for what you do.

  5. This seems like a good spare bike to take beginner friends out on. Maybe buy yourself a new fork for your good bike and put your old better fork on this one. Etc etc for the rest of the parts.

  6. Where in at, the same bikes at walmart are assembled better at Target

  7. That was so funny with the kickstand scene. 🀣. Can't believe they welded that there!!!

  8. I look forward to your seeing your new content. Excited about something different but kinda the same.

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