This Watch Is A Game Changer – The Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto

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In this video, I provide my take on the Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto, a watch that is changing the game in terms of what is possible with complications in a more attainable price position. What do you guys think of the Bel Canto?


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26 Replies to “This Watch Is A Game Changer – The Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto”

  1. I was waiting for you to this Video. I've seen other channels that have featured this watch and I think your video is great.

  2. The Bel Canto shows there is great promise in CW and what they are capable of designing and delivering. Thanks, Teddy, for a great video highlighting the BC. I’d like to own one some day.

  3. ????Damnit, Teddy, now even MORE people will want this watch, and the price will go ???? ????

  4. Teddy, thanking for showing and taking about watches outside AP and Rolex. It’s refreshing man. Not everyone needs or wants hype watches

  5. Teddy as usual a good review. I first saw this watch a week ago. And order one to be delivered February 2024.
    You didn’t mention they are limited editions (300 I think). First edition is a blue dial… Second is a green dial. Now there are a variety of options. Also, there is no logo or markings on the dial. As you mentioned an awesome value especially once you know who has contributed to the final product.

  6. I like it cuz it's like catching but it's not too busy. Get on always have to have a tourbillon to have beautiful engineering aspect of the watch

  7. I bought a Christopher Ward watch back in 2015, before my watch journey had really begun. Since then I have moved on to the usual higher end brands and a couple of exotic pieces and hadn’t given C W a thought since.
    Well, that has all changed with the release of the Bel Canto – I have paid my deposit and hope to have it by the end of the year. In my opinion this is an almost irresistible value offering which I hope shakes up the complacency of some of the more prestigious brands.
    On another note, my old CW which has been in a draw for years (quartz movement) is till running on its original battery and is telling the correct time!

  8. I'm a big fan of CW! While I appreciate the achievement(s) of the brand and this timepiece, stylistically it is a big 'swing-and-a-miss' for me. That said, I always respect your take and opinion on watches and brands! That 1M subscribers mark is coming soon! Love you and this channel!

  9. Nice review Teddy. Give props due where props are due. Christopher Ward absolutely hit it out of the park with this watch. So innovative and creative, but at a price point the average working man can obtain. Well done CW.

  10. Interesting watch, I’ve seen it at a glance on a lot of websites, and wrote it off as being hideous but I can definitely appreciate the design a lot more now.

  11. Agreed on all points. If this was put out by JLC, Lange, Patek, et al – what do you think they'd charge for it (in titanium too!)

  12. I own two Christopher Wards and like them a lot. The Bel Canto is a very impressive achievement, even though I am a tool watch guy and this is not my watch. And good for Teddy for giving kudos to a watch company that competes with his and for favorably reviewing a watch that he cannot sell.

    One mystery to me is why the company keeps the Christopher Ward name after the co-founder left to help his three sons start Tribus, a competing watch company. They may be moving away from the name, since CW's newer watches replaced the name on the dial with the twin flags logo. Just as Wilsdorf and Davis became Rolex a decade after their founding, CW needs to consider doing the same. They are good at naming watches, so I am confident that they could come up with a fine name.

  13. By the way, the CEO of CW has been in several podcasts with Roger Daniels about the British Alliance. Scottish watches in particular if you want to hear more about the brand.

  14. I'm so glad that you reviewed this watch, but I wasn't able to wait for the video before ordering one for myself!

    What's interesting for me was that when it was first released, I thought "wow, I'm really glad that this exists, but it's just not for me." Then I kept looking for more reviews and videos…but, nah, still not for me. Then the green dial came out, and I started to feel upset that I had missed the run…but, I mean, I wasn't going to actually buy one though, right? Not for me.

    Then the new dials came out and it took about 3 minutes before I put a down-payment on the ice blue dial. This watch is definitely for me ????

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