Three Chunky Sauces to Level Up your BBQ Game

What do Chimichurri, Sweet Relish and Pico de Gallo have in common? That’s right, they’re all in the family of “chunky sauces” – and they happen to great for BBQ season! Level up your game with these three easy sauce recipes.

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🌱 Chimichurri
Olive Oil
Dried Oregano
Chili (Fresh or Dried)

🥒 Sweet Relish
Mustard Seeds
Caraway Seeds
Dried Ginger
Dried Turmeric

🍅 Pico de Gallo
Lime Juice
Lime Zest

Created & Hosted by Andong

Channel Producer Grace Phan-Nguyen

Filmed by Eypee Kaamiño

Editing by Gerrit-Duke Reinert

Spanish subtitles by Daniel González

30 Replies to “Three Chunky Sauces to Level Up your BBQ Game”

  1. I got the Knife you love so much from your sponsor since last Year. I love it so much and use it pretty frequently

  2. Pico de Gallo is pretty much Moroccan Salad. In Morocco they de-seed the tomato before chopping.

  3. 3:40 – do not waste that liquid. It's great in a bloody mary cocktail, a vegetable soup or even as a special topping for any instand ramen.

  4. For some reason this is the first video in 3 months that showed up in my subscription list. O.o

    The good thing is, now I have a few more videos to watch.

  5. I’d love to see your take on squash caviar/ikra! It seems to almost be an Eastern European style of pico

  6. @2:46 – I really can't stand the smell of such "discolouration" from the blade into the acidic foods which is why I prefer stainless. If you, unlike me, don't care, you should buy these knifes as they really are fantastic and easily sharpened…

  7. Pico de Gallo is my fav! I loved your tips! I will def use them next time I'm making it! 🙂

  8. Hmm when I make pico, I like to keep the lime juice and tomato juices in the sauce as it helps the entire sauce age, pickle and get better as you store it for longer. Just my opinion though

  9. Does anyone know the name of the first song? There is a part where a female voice sings "again and again".

  10. Hi there Mr Food savvy, May i ask you few questions please!
    What's your GF or wife's name? Because you look similar to an other Russian guy i know!
    Where were you born, In Russia or Germany?
    Can you speak russian?
    Are you part of the Russian intelligence agency?
    Thank you!

  11. Not gonna lie this is the first time i actually consider buying something from a yt sponsor

  12. I would argue that the first "sauce" is rather a salad, if you ask me.. But I definitely will try it out, it looks amazing.

  13. Does Authentic Blades not ship to the USA? I don't see us in the drop-down menu…

  14. I would NOT recommend adding parsley stems to the chimichurri; they're excessively bitter IMO. Leaves only. Cilantro stems, now? You go, girl!

  15. Hey! I recommend you make a sauce for fish with your pickle relish! Mayonnaise, creme fraiche (or sour cream), a bit of the relish, dill, and a squeese of lemon. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with fried fish. SO yummy. Think of the danish remoulade sauce!

  16. The Pico juice is btw vodka's best friend. Makes for a great "different" bloody mary.

  17. Chimichurri does not contain shallots or cilantro also a neutral oil is usually used typically sunflower oil and it's usually covered to the top in oil with alot more more garlic.

  18. Hey Andong, can you tell me the name of first song in this video? Sounds familiar. Thanks and great video, like always 🙂

  19. Sorry, but there's nothing bougie about adding cilantro to the pico de gallo. In fact, it's essential.

  20. Pico de gallo with jalapeño? I guess its because you couldn't find serrano peppers

  21. What's you're problem with a wet pico it's all flavour baby soak that shiz up with some bread and you won't regret skipping a step

  22. Awesome sponsorship, those knives look amazing! I might actually buy something from a sponsored video for the first time haha

  23. Next should be Green Sauces! Salsa Verde from italy and mexico, frankfurter Grie Soß and whatever else green sauces there are. Theres plenty, chimichurri would have fit as Well

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