18 Replies to “THREE things to do with extra ginger #shorts”

  1. Babe you always have some great tips & delicious recipes ☺️???? in first part of your video your hair was down ???????? You look hot ???? With hair down ! Respect from Steve In Queensland Australia ????????????‍♂️????

  2. Love this! I was waiting on some muffinsnor cookies with the pulp. (Or maybe I just want a cookie.) Excellent giant ginger use.❤

  3. Love it!! How do you clean your vitamix after mixing turmeric?? I find it so stressful ????

  4. to anybody else that has too much ginger, you can peel and freeze it to use later.

  5. I saw the comment saying that’s how big ginger is, but holy cow ???? I usually get a 3 inch long piece per month, I’d die of laughter upon receiving that ????????????

  6. Love all the uses you made of it. I often just pop it in the freezer since it’s easier to grate that way anyway. I put it in EVERYTHING ????

  7. Ginger is usually that big or bigger. They sell bigger ones at Asian markets because we use more

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