Hi guys! Went thrifting today and found a few pretty cool things! Decided to vlog and do a Come Thrift With Me! Let me know if you want more of these, it was super easy and fun to film!! 🙂

~PS if you ever shop at goodwill round up to help their employee training prograaaam~

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Name: Emma Topp
Age: 17
Camera : Canon Rebel t3i
Editing Software : Windows Movie Maker + AVS Video Editor

FTC: Nothing is sponsored in today’s video!!! always honest honeys

28 Replies to “THRIFT WITH ME”

  1. I love how she said "I thought these were gonna be like…weight watchers bad" 😂😂😂

  2. Cut them jeans up put a cuff and a belt with a cute crop top… Sm blk boots and wahlaaaaa magic.. We call them mom jeans

  3. That skirt that had shorts is literally my school uniform skirt style 😂

  4. Love these videos! Wish my goodwill had actual cute stuff and stuff in my size. Oof

  5. The “Shrek song” is called Allstar and it’s not saying rockstar😂

  6. girl u could just get them tailored… u can even look up a tutorial on YouTube

  7. You should learn how to sew so you can make those clothes fit you! I just thrifted a pair of the coolest high waisted flare jeans but I didn't like the flare so I made them into mom jeans and they're perfect!

  8. I’ve watched all your thriving videos like 5 times each I need some new ones😍😘

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