Throws: Harai Goshi (Sweeping Hip Throw) with Matt D'Aquino

Matt D’Aquino is a 3rd degree black belt in Judo and a 2008 Beijing Olympian. Here Matt demonstrates the Harai Goshi for Submissions 101

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16 Replies to “Throws: Harai Goshi (Sweeping Hip Throw) with Matt D'Aquino”

  1. Why does sub 101 keep turning comments off on other videos? Did some one hurt their feelings?

  2. I love the aesthetics of Judo. However, with this Harai Goshi sweeping hip throw I think there is a danger of the opponent trying to grab one's waist and charge. I would think that this might be a reaction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners.

  3. Nice video. I like it. IMO student/fighter must have some experience in judo to do this harai goshi that fluent like instructor shown here. It looks very easy but in practice isn't 🙂

  4. Cool use to know a guy names John page kinda like "Johnny cage" if you played mortal kombat anyways, he would always be getting into bar fights and was a 2nd Dan blackbelt lets just say this throw was known to kill bar tables.

  5. This always hurts drilling it. Expect to get the wind knocked out of you. You can try and break fall but I can never get the timing right. It's always too fast. Judo you give your back a lot but this as a through that is a must have in your box of tricks. Before hop on or drop knee

  6. I love Judo but I know nothing about it, this for me seems the same as the Uchi Mata, I assume there is a difference, so what is that difference? Thanks!

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