Time After Time | MVMT ♡ Nathalie Paris

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My channel is a way for me to express myself on a more personal level with you! Expect realness, good music, fashion, beauty, cooking and more. Thank you for being a part of my journey and if you are new, welcome.


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Time After Time | MVMT ♡ Nathalie Paris

Nathalie Paris

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26 Replies to “Time After Time | MVMT ♡ Nathalie Paris”

  1. if a guy exposes their chest, everybodys cool with it however, if a girl exposes her chest or even a small portion of it, ppl get so fucking triggered. "Thats just the way it is" Girls, honestly, if u don't want to get objectified, then stop objectifying other girls.( Its disgusting how girls even participate in victim blaming. ) You're only promoting a biased mindset. As for Nathalie, Slay gurl.

  2. Yoooo it’s her body let her do what she wants to do with it.. the fact that she has the confidence to show her body shows how she loves herself. That’s all that matters. Everybody is different. We live in a huge ass world where different people like working on different things with themselves… she loves her body, god made it and she showin it off.. where’s the problem??? Everybody has boobs and an ass… it’s nothing new. Stop being so phased by someone else’s decisions.

  3. "The bad news is that time flies, but the good news is that you're the pilot " <3 love this. Go nat.

  4. Let me tell you this Natalie, it's so easy for someone who gets money off of selfies, promotions, and just plain showing up at an event, to say that it's so easy to be happy and successful and that all we need to do is be the "pilot" of our lives.

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