Tiny House Couple Live Dream Hobbit-Core Life On A Mountain

If you’ve ever watched Lord of the Rings and found yourself dreaming of what life might be like as a hobbit, this is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss! Tiny house couple Anna and Stoph have built an incredible tiny home as part of their ultimate hobbit core life.

Before meeting Anna and Stoph, I had never heard of hobbit core but I’m so glad that I have now! Hobbit core is all about living a life of simplicity and comfort. That means good food, good drink, warmth and coziness. The amazing tiny house that this couple have created fits this vision perfectly and visiting their home is like traveling to the shire.

Anna and Stoph have also purchased a beautiful piece of land, sitting on top of a mountain with panoramic views which now surround the home. This gives the couple plenty of room to enjoy their passion of gardening and for their daughter to run around.

Enjoy the full tour of this amazing, DIY, hobbit core tiny house! For those you would like to follow Anna and Stoph’s journey you can find them on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@wai.iti.ridge

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19 Replies to “Tiny House Couple Live Dream Hobbit-Core Life On A Mountain”

  1. After visiting this tiny house, I've decided it's the hobbit life for me! What a beautiful home and garden Anna and Stoph have built and what an amazing life they have created for their daughter. So get cozy, pour yourself a nice drink, enjoy second breakfast and the tour of this lovely tiny home. Thanks for watching and supporting our channel! With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. I have never commented until now but I absolutely love this tiny house. The land is so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful house, gorgeous location. I hope in the future they build an outdoor wood burning bread oven.

  4. wait i’m pretty sure i follow her on tiktok EVERYONE FOLLOW HER ON TIKTOK HER CONTENT IS SO PEACEFUL

  5. Lovely space and gorgeous views. I think Anna's Hobbit House dresses should be a thing.

  6. Hi bryce. I would love for you to ask the owners about the consent process and the costs involved.

  7. Beautiful little hobbit homestead you both have there! … and Anna is adorable!

  8. Great place! So many wonderful features, including the woodstove & the garden. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Try shaking the woman’s hand first for once. That’s what a gentleman would do. I noticed this in many of your videos.

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