Tip Of The Week #5 | The one strumming tip you SHOULD know! | Strumming lesson |

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21 Replies to “Tip Of The Week #5 | The one strumming tip you SHOULD know! | Strumming lesson |”

  1. Paul – do you have more videos where I can follow your strumming rhythms like you do at the end of this video. At your Patreon page maybe? I haven’t looked yet. They are fabulous for practicing strumming.

  2. one question I've had why does my thumb want to completely lift off the neck when I play fast???? it's so annoying. or it turns completely sideways if I try to stop it I end up screwing my fretting all up.

  3. Sometimes I strum hard and loud… if I try to strum smoothly, I miss it. What's your suggestion for this?

  4. Does an upward strum have emphasis on the high strings, and a downward strum have emphasis on the lower strings?

  5. Longtime fan,…. thanks for the lessons! You’re a great teacher and I’ll be subbing to your lessons very soon!

  6. I do strumming very much the sane way as this, however, when I do pattern like this 5:18 I still do all the down up motion, but in the part with the empty up down up motion, I don't do it across the strings, so I just do a tiny verion of it… In my opinion it's enough to keep the rhythm, and it's also much easier to do… (especially because I have a bad stamina and getting tired quite easily). So… What do you think?

  7. 2:57 this way of moving right hand is very easy for men…
    …but with a guitar, it's another story.

  8. Thanks for the useful advice. I really liked the strumming patterns you played at the end. It would have been nice if you could have shown the down/up pattern for them. I’m nowhere near the stage yet where I can just hear a pattern, visualise it and then play it. Perhaps another time you could do a tutorial on listening to a strumming pattern and copying it?

  9. Recommended in 2020! I can see a lot of your cool je ne sais quoi in here ; )

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